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Posh on outside and lacking substance on inside...beware!!!

I hate living in New Albany, OH. Just like the previous poster CJ1 said, quality of a true good life with real people is zero!!! Everyone and everything looks good on the outside ( except the weather, it always is grey and depressing) but when you really pay attention to the quality of people and schools it sucks!!!! Don't get fooled by these white entitled Stepford wives, they are really thinking they are better and richer than most of America, hahaha. Definitely think twice before you move here. Btw, somehow police reports about the suicides, recent shooting at Easton, amount of drug activity is never on the news in New Albany, that is 'shady' and a shame! Wish I knew all these things before I got stuck in New Albany! Btw, for such a 'well off' area voted #1 suburb, lots of kids with school buses and walking in terrible weather/traffic...what a joke! Where is all the tax money going?!?
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Welome to Stepford!

I relocated here for work, from Los Angeles. I am an optimist and have always believed that "change" is a good thing and I welcome it. My mind was open and I was looking forward to the new experience. The idea of having seasons even appealed to me. Now, that I have been a home owner in "Hampstead Village,"Ohio, these are my pro's and cons of living here: Pros: An aesthetically pleasing community. Lower costs of housing. Good Schools. Cons: It is like living in "Stepford Wives," the movie. It's a "cookie cutter community." Everyone has the same houses, the same cars. The majority of the housewives even dress alike. It's also a very "Gossip oriented community". The Ohio residents, do not give pedestrians The Right Away, either. I have driven by the schools on a daily basis and seen children trying to cross the street to walk home and they are made to wait! Very rarely, I will someone stop and let them walk in the crosswalks. The same goes for mothers with small children and dog walkers. Cars rule here! The homes around the country club are well built and very expensive. Most of the other neighborhoods, the homes are cheaply constructed, plastic siding, moldings, poor insulation, etc. The Georgian Style homes are impressive from the street, but very cheaply constructed. There is an air of entitlement here, that is just plain nasty. It's a community that thinks having a little money means that you are well bred, NOT! Most people I have experienced in New Albany are anything but well bred. I don't see politeness, manners and certainly not, patience. I see women flipping off drivers who are not driving fast enough, all while their children are seated in the back seat to observe. There is very little diversity in Columbus as a whole. I would NEVER raise a family here, given a choice. The life style is just what you would imagine, small minded and backwards, in comparison to most larger cities. I would recommend visiting first. Observe the people and the way of life before you commit. Experience it for yourself. One last detail that was BIG for me, the weather here, it's Horrible! Whatever the weather, it's mostly on the extreme side. The drivers, tailgate constantly. The drivers change lanes and RARELY use their turn signals. The auto accidents in Columbus are also very frequent here. My BMW was recently almost totaled, from a car tailgating me.
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