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I'm planning a move to Nashville from New York- need advice. Im a social worker working at a state hospital in New York and I also have a work history in marketing. I want to move to Nashville area but am concerned about how difficult it could be to get a job. I'm interested in continuing to work in my current field or something administrative for a corporation. Any suggestions about areas with opportunities? Is anyone able to give me an idea of how much income I would need to be comparable to a Long Island income of $60K to live without struggling? Answer question
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How much fun is the blue max simulator at the adventure science center I have a couple of questions about the blue max simulator. Is it just a flight simulator or can it be a roller coaster simulator? If it can be a roller coaster simulator, can the passengers program the roller coaster? When it is a flight simulator, what activities can people do on it? Is the flight simulator just a combat simulator or is it a simulator where you just get to fly a plane? How much does it cost for two people? How much does it cost for one person? How long does the simulator last for? Are the joysticks on both sides of the seats, or are they on one side? How comfortable is the seat that the passengers sit in? How comfortable is the over the shoulder harness that is used to secure the passengers? How tight can the over the shoulder harness be? Can the restraints be as tight as the passengers want it? When do you choose what mode you want the simulator to be in? How much will my body move while the simulator is in motion? Where should my arms and legs be while the staff is strapping the passengers in? How popular is the simulator? Can the passengers hold on to the over the should harness? Can the passengers hold hands while the simulator is in motion? On the roller coaster setting of the simulator, can the passengers set the intensity, or is it set at a certain intensity? Is the flight simulator or roller coaster mode more popular? How much of my body will move that is inside the restraints? Do you enjoy the flight simulator or roller coaster more? How do you operate the joysticks? Should my head be against the seat or is it free to move? Should I try to keep my Answer question
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Neighborhood suggestions? Hi, my husband and I are moving to Nashville for work and I was wondering if anyone could suggest neighborhoods for us to look into. We would like a neighborhood that we could walk to parks, stores, and farmers markets. Something with a good community vibe would be great but that also has reasonable rent. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks! Answer question
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Best place for a mixed race couple to move to in Nashville Tennessee a Hello, My wife and I are a mixed race Christian family of 8. Kids are 15 years old down to 10 years old with a one year old at the bottom. We currently live in phoenix on an acre, have horses, chicken etc. we really want the farm country, slower pace life that Nashville offers. Only scare. Are there parts of the area we should avoid? We are looking for 50 acres plus, with a decent sized house, for about $300,000. We are as country as it comes, but with a mixed race family, I'd be stupid to not be aware of my surroundings. Is it possible to get such a property about 30 minutes from the city? If anyone is a realtor, we would love to hook up, as we don't have one out there yet. Ps: we are not interested in race talk. Just looking for a nice quiet peaceful safe area to raise my family. I understand that "awkward" race opinions are everywhere, including AZ. HOWEVER, LETS NOT KID OUR SELVS. when is the last time you heard of kkk rallies like the one in Memphis, happening out west? Thank you for your input. I appreciate it. Please be blunt Answer question
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