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A Naperville, IL Welcome

During my road trip of 2008, I visited Naperville, IL. One of my good friends has lived in Naperville for almost his entire life. I was pretty excited about the visit because the fabulous city of Chicago is about 30 miles to the west, with this in mind, I figured Naperville was going to be a spectacular treat. When I first pilled into Naperville, I had to stop to get gasoline, because I was getting low. While fueling up, an elderly couple in a mini van pulled up right behind my vehicle. They noticed my out of state plates and engaged me in conversation. I drove out of the service station feeling that if they were a sign of the people in Naperville, I was in for a nice visit to this city. Turns out, I was correct as the people of Naperville did not disappoint. I found them to be very friendly people and easy to engage in conversation, unlike folks from big cities. While I was not impressed with the nightlife, I found that Naperville had an impressive Theater District. You can have dinner and then take in a live show over at North Central College. They even have a comedy spot, called the Comedy Shrine. I would have to rate this is one of the best places I have visited because of the wonderful people and the entertainment over at the Theater District.
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