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cost of living i try to moving Minneapolis from las vegas. how Minneapolis living cost is it expensive more than las vegas? Answer question
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hpnmPosted on Aug 17, 2015
Where can I live cheap as an AmeriCorps volunteer? I have an opportunity to spend a year in Minneapolis as a volunteer with Minnesota Reading Corps. I'm wondering how easy it is to find any size apartment in the $600-$1000/ mo. range, as that would be my living stipend. Also has anyone done work with Reading Corps? I'd love to connect. Answer question
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MeganRPosted on Mar 14, 2015
what is a list of colleges and universities in Minnesota ? Hello everyone I'm moving to Minnesota, I am a PhD student in hydrogeology and I would like to pursue my doctoral studies in Minnesota, I would like to have an idea about the university and doctoral schools (specialty, method of entry ...) in this region thank you in advance Answer question
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kawtherPosted on Jul 01, 2014
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