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Think about taxes & Guide to where to live in Milwaukee.

Milwaukee is a great city, one 9th best for professionals (http://onmilwaukee.com/buzz/articles/forbesyoung.html). Top things to know if you are moving here: Property taxes are very high, you need to live outside of Milwaukee County to get outside of the high-tax-zone . Net tax rate in City-of-Milwaukee, Glendale, Whitefish Bay & Shorewood range from $26-$30 per 1k. Taxes are about a third of our mortgage (i.e. (Principal + Interest)= 2 X Taxes) (We live in Shorewood after 7 years in City-of-Milwaukee). For our buck we get #1 High School in the State (Shorewood High (US News and Washington Post)), super low crime, nice clean BID (business improvement district). City of Milwaukee has pretty bad police response time and absolutely horrible schools (top five highest dropout rate in the country: http://mpsportal.milwaukee.k12.wi.us/portal/server.pt?open=512&objID=339&mode=2&in_hi_userid=2&cached=true) . Newcomers to Milwaukee typically look to live in one of these neighborhoods: Shorewood, Whitefish Bay, Wauwatosa or Washington Heights. If you want to stretch your dollar a little further, see: Glendale, Bayview, Riverwest. Avoid West Allis (I grew up there), nearly everything in this area: west of Milwaukee River, East of Washington Heights, North of I-94, South of Silverspring (Note: Riverwest is in this area and borders a really nice neighborhood and a really bad neighorhood.) Another con is that greater Milwaukee area is one of the most racially segregated in the US. Milwaukee county is about 60-70% democratic (second only to Madison) and you can draw a doughnut around it (e.g. Mequan, Menomenee Falls, Brookfield, Franklin Racine) to be in %60-70% republican territory (highest in the state). In true Midwestern fashion, you probably wouldn't realize it unless you bring it up though.
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who wrote the other two reviews, the mayor and gov?

I'm simp;y amazed how Numbers can be so misleading. I compared anothwr two areas to milwaukee crime and they had more crime, yet i've lived in one of the two and have a friend that lives in the other city. Milwaukee, has learned to rename crimes so they don't get reported as such. Rape is now a sexual assult, Hate crimes don't get proscuted here at all. This is one city that is loaded with hate crimes. state fair last year several white people got hurt and the 100 or so blacks that attacked the whites said it was strictly because they were white. businesses were ripped apart by groups of blacks again attacking whites. this is do common place here. I can't walk down the city streets, i don't feel safe even from the police, they are also being investigated. Milwaukee used to be a great place to raise a family, now it's only poor and disabled ot illegals. Many whom live here compare it to detroit/gary. yet been to detroit and gary and detroit isn't as bad as they claim it is, oh it had it's day but it's better now than it was. I can say milw. had a beautiful lakefront, full of rowdy blacks in the summer and we do have lots and lots of fests that headline across the USA. but given the fact that someone gets shot daily or killed every few days, it's not pretty. If you have to move to wi. go to a smaller town and stay away from the big city, unless you like Super high itilities and gas prices that are the highest around. how much can words be playedd with, here water is cheap here my bill For water alone is about 20 bucks every three months, when you add in all the BS my bill is over 200, closer to 3 every three months, schooling is bad to worse, if your child is smart, they'll be held back from learning because the school system is so bad you regress and progress. so sad but true. Please ask me if there's anything you'd like to no. i'm open, honest and very real... Looking to move soon to. wonder why i'm here still, ask the divorce judge why. enjoy the day
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Making the most of Milwaukee. No matter what the season!

My family and I visit the incredible fun city of Milwaukee at least twice a year. My sister relocated to Milwaukee, WI back in the 80's so we always stay with her. Because my sister lives there, we get to experience the city each time with our own resident tour guide. People in Milwaukee are friendly and there is always something to do! The city of Milwaukee is rich with history, fabulous historical architecture, and something for everyone! In the fall, we love visiting the Milwaukee Zoo, on Halloween, because the zoo features incredible change of fall leaves and you get to trick or treat at each of the animal habitats. In the spring we love going to see the Milwaukee Brewers play. There is always excitement in the air and the smell of a really great hot dog wafting in the breeze. In the summer, the best place to be is Milwaukee's Famous Summerfest, where you can go to listen to all kinds of bands, eat your way around the world and simply enjoy summer as only Milwaukee knows how to do it! I have seen everyone from Survivor, to Kool and the Gang, to Rick Springfield and even Weird Al at Summerfest, and most of the concerts are included in the price of entry! In the winter, we are always sure to warm ourselves, inside and out with a tour of the Miller Brewing company, located in Milwaukee's "Pigville". Milwaukee also has a wonderful array of shopping, restaurants and nightlife to enjoy, but we usually spend most of our time, enjoying the attractions I mentioned above. I have been traveling to Milwaukee, WI every year since I was 16 years old, and at 44 I plan on continuing this tradition every year, because no matter the season, there is always something to do in Milwaukee!
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Milwaukee: A Great City on a Great Lake

I'm a student at the University of Wisconsin Madison, but I'm originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota. My roommate and several other friends grew up in Milwaukee and the surrounding suburbs, so I've spent several weekends visiting their hometowns. Personally, I still prefer Minneapolis, but I do enjoy visiting Milwaukee. I think the best thing about the city is its proximity to Lake Michigan. Every time I visit, I end up spending large amounts of time at Bradford Beach, staring at the crashing waves of Lake Michigan. The other thing I absolutely love about Milwaukee is Summerfest, the world's largest music festival. I've only had the opportunity to attend two days of the eleven day music festival, but I enjoyed every second of my time at Summerfest. A variety of big names perform at Summerfest each year. I attended Summerfest in 2009, and I got to see Yadda Yadda, Sonic Circus, and even Bon Jovi! Between Lake Michigan and the amazing music of Summerfest, I could visit Milwaukee again and again.
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