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      Miami, FL

      Miami is a little slice of metropolitan paradise that sits right on the ocean in Florida. Known for its diverse culture, beautiful beaches, and unparalleled nightlife, Miami has the third tallest skyline in the US. However, the city is not just a concrete jungle, as it has over 800 parks to go and relax in on its hot summer days.

      The Miami unemployment rate is slightly higher than the national average. The main jobs in the town are in the medical, tourist, and manufacturing industries. The price of a home in Miami is considerably higher than it is in the rest of the United States. This is because it’s a metropolitan area with all the amenities of a large city, but with the vibes of a tropical paradise. The average home price in Miami is also higher than the home price of houses in other parts of the state. Additionally, rent price is also higher in both regards.

      A major attraction in the city is the Miami design district. It is a specific area in the city dedicated to culinary arts, architecture, design, and fashion design. The city also has numerous orchestras and operas that are known around the world. If you like jumping into your car in the late afternoon and going for a drive to see the sunset, you’ll enjoy driving down US Route 1. It runs over the turquoise blue waters of the Florida Keys. It links many of the islands together, making it possible to get from island to island quickly. According to some, it’s one of the most scenic drives in the entire world.

      One downside to the city is the unbearable traffic. According to some residents, there is never-ending construction, and car insurance rates are ridiculous. To avoid traffic, you might want to take Miami’s public transportation. The city’s public transportation system consists of trains, buses, and a few trolleys.

      As one would expect in Florida, the weather is hot. In the winter months, the temperatures can range between 75-80°F. However, in the summer, the temperatures can skyrocket well above 100°F. If you are used to northern climates, it can be quite a shock if you move to Miami. However, if you like the warm weather, the city is the right place for you.

      If you love being in areas where there are immigrants from all over the world, you will like Miami. Most immigrants come from Latin American countries, but you will also see immigrants from Canada, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the Middle East. This great variety of cultures ensures that you’ll be able to try food from all over the world.

      In review, Miami is a tropical paradise that gives you all of the amenities that a metropolitan area offers. However, living costs are high compared to the rest of the country. Despite that, it’s made up for by the variety of entertainment, vibrant cultures, and temperate climate. Miami is a great city for people who want it all.

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      worst place ever!

      first off... unless you live at the beach (and even then these beaches are losing there amazing quality) or are a hoe (sorry but true).. this is the place for you. this place is full of hobos and expensive (surprisingly) not to mention the amount of PEOPLE. the only good thing here is disney and that’s it! it’s 90 degrees the whole year and 100% humid! there’s a house on every corner and the traffic is “amazing”

      now take it from me.. i was born and raised here and i couldn’t speak spanish so i could really talk to no one because everyone here is a ref... also, everyone is just absolutely horrible! i am so happy to move out of this horrible state!
      now don’t get me wrong florida in all is not horrible just most of it

      now let’s talk about prices any other state a five bedroom three bathroom 2,300 sqf could easily be 400,000 minimum but here in the sunshine state..... up to 600,000! great for seller horrible for literally anyone else
      • 1 0
      Worst place ever

      Okay first of all if you are white Miami FL is not for you. I'm not a racist person we all bleed red but to feel you in on the place Ive been treated like the dog crap on the bottom of a rich person shoe since being here robbed by a taxi driver as police here say legally bull crap I've been told because I don't speak Spanish I can't get a job which my family ended up on the streets we are to white for the shelters this just might look like just another homeless persons sob story but you can just look it up.
      • 11 -14
      Things to do in Miami

      Visit the Fairchild Botanical Gardens and check out the collection of rare palms. Go to little Cuba for dinner. First and foremost, rent a boat and chillax on the sparkling clear waters of Biscaye bay. However, don't go fast like a yahoo, and you will save fuel, and not harm the manatees, dolphins, or birds. A fine collection of charter boats to rent in Miami may be found at
      • 1 -2
      Miami by boat

      When in Miami, you really do need to find a boat and get out on the bay. This city really sparkles from the ocean and that is the only way to see the mansions of the rich and famous, robber barons, drug lords, and foreign corrupt officials. A fine collection of charter boats to rent in Miami, with captains, may be found at
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      Miami: fun to visit, a joke to live

      Miami is great to hang out and party in, especially if you're young and willing to spend a lot of money on useless things and memories with people that will probably move within a few years. The people here are extremely rude. Really, this is a place where you really realize everyone is out for themselves. I've lived here for over a year and yes I've made a great group of friends that make it tolerable. However, the day to day interactions with Cubans and people with no class gets painfully un-livable. From crossing a crosswalk and having someone lay their car horn on you, to literally, getting hit by a biker (I was in my car) people just don't really get the importance of relationships and kindness in this city. It's so much fun to go out and drink, but eventually that even gets old with same crowds and bars/clubs. I'm not trying to generalize a certain population, but the Cubans here seem to think this is still Cuba, where you can cut corners to get a job done. I'm a very sweet, honest person, and never in my life have I ever cussed people out whom I didn't even know....until- I moved to Miami. This place is a joke, overly expensive, and the only people that are worth talking to here are the ones that aren't from here. Sad to say, it's a pretty city with a lot of potential but certain types of populations that absolutely ruin the vibe. Don't even get me started with restaurants....unless you're paying an arm and a leg, just know that the service will be terrible. We stopped going out to dinner and even lunch because it becomes over a 2 1/2 hour affair.

      There are so many other cool cities you could live in....think twice before you choose Miami.
      • 4 0
      A Wonderful Experience In Miami, FL

      Living in Miami, FL is a wonderful experience, and I love the area. There is plenty of sunshine and beaches to keep everyone happy. Usually there is a bit of rain in the afternoons, but it quickly stops and evaporates. There aren't winters in Miami, FL, only nice hot summers and comfortable weather the rest of the year. The cost of living is moderate in Miami, FL. A person will be able to find reasonable housing. I live in an apartment that I am very happy with. Miami, FL receives a rating of 9 out of 10 for living in the area.

      In Miami, FL, many people love to take in the beach activities. There are plenty of great things to do like parasailing, surfing, swimming and more. Lots of people like to take their picnics on the beach. I do too. It is also close to the Keys, and we all take trips there a couple of times a year. The Keys are known for their beautiful waters and their interesting wildlife. Miami, FL receives a rating of 10 out of 10 for things to do and see in the area.

      Restaurants and shopping opportunities are plentiful in Miami, FL. I love to go out to eat a couple of times a week to try new places and visit my favorite ones. When I go shopping, I always find what I am looking for. It is a great place to check out new and innovative things at the small boutiques on the strip in the center of the city. They switch out quite frequently, but you can always find something unique, especially during the holidays. I give Miami, FL a rating of 9 out of 10 for restaurants and shopping because of all the choices that are available to me.
      • 0 -2
      A lot of culture but too expensive

      I have lived in Miami all of my life so it is pretty much all I know. Miami is beautiful. It's great to have the beaches nearby and there are plenty of things to do. BUT the cost of living is very high. To be comfortable here you need to make at least $100k a year or you will either be struggling or living moderately. The schools aren't great it can be unsafe in some areas and a lot of people are rude. The traffic can also be a nightmare! Overall if you are single or young without kids it can be a great place because of the nightlife. Besides that I don't recommend it for families unless you have money and can afford to live in a great neighborhood.
      • 2 -1
      Miami, Florida - Nightlife & Shopping

      For anyone looking for a break from it call, come down to Miami, Florida, and take in all the excitement you have been missing. I've visited the city of Miami countless, and there always something to see and do. Of course, Miami isn't for everyone, so you need to make sure you know what you're looking for. Once you know what Miami is all about, you are sure to enjoy the amazing culture and nightlife of the city.

      To start, Miami is split into several different sections. If you don't have a rental car, it is going to cost you. The downtown area is part of the mainland, and has several shopping districts, not to mention small pockets of fantastic ethnic food. It is also the business center of the city. However, the nightlife, the beach and all the partying takes place on Miami Beach, which is on an island east of the mainland. There is a large highway system that takes you over, but a taxi between downtown and Miami Beach is going to run you a good $40.

      If you are into shopping, Miami is the perfect spot for you. From designer stores to small boutiques, it is possible to spend a small fortune here in Miami (and many do). However, don't fall into the trap of trying to compete with others, as many individuals go overboard and try to outdo the person that is standing next to them.

      The restaurants and nightlife are fantastic and this is the real reason to visit the city of Miami. There are hundreds of different bars, restaurants and clubs you'll never tire of.

      Although the high points of Miami are extremely well put together, the overall community feel is not very good, as most of the locals seem rather fake, at least until you get into the smaller, more close nite areas such as Little Havana and similar locations.
      • 0 0
      Miami - The Magic City

      Miami, Florida was home for twelve years and I return to visit family twice a year. The city has changed a lot since I left in the 1970s, both for better and for worse. There is a constant daily stream of people moving in and out of this city as the primary ethnic groups remain and change over time, providing a smorgasbord of ethnic Miami restaurants, fantastic shopping and some of the best nightlife in the world! If you end up on Lincoln Road, be sure to grab a slice at Pizza Rustica, one of the best I've ever had.

      The Miami traffic gridlock is among the worst in spite of plentiful expressway overpasses. Interstate 95 has six lanes in each direction, and it still slows to a crawl at times. It has evolved from a mainly tourist town into a diversified financial, commercial, and health care center. America's cruise port and Port of Miami are booming. Passenger and cargo planes from all over the world arrive daily. Great public transportation system means no need for a car. The funky old Coconut Grove district still retains an old Florida flavor, and posh Coral Gables is still a coveted oasis of quiet charm in hyper Miami.
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      Source: The Miami, FL data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).