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Manchester, NH - The City of a Lifetime

On my way to Canada, I had the distinction to stay two days in the city of Manchester, NH. I call it distinction because I really loved those two days during fall foliage. Manchester is the largest city in North New England but it has exquisitely preserved its small town nature. The roads leading to downtown, which is the center of all activity, still offer a sensation of driving through a countryside in the 1970's. A local bartender in Manchster told me that locals take Sports more seriously than many outsiders would think. That's why, there is a lot of tension even when smaller teams play at the famous Version Wireless Arena. He was also quick to point out many that Manchester has many attractions nearby. Although, I couldn't remember the name but there was a very nice boutique hotel by a lake, just two blocks away from my own excellent small hotel. It seems that there a plentiful boutique lodgings which would provide a good place to stay for those who wish to evaluate Manchester, before moving in. Interestingly, downtown Manchester has some excellent shopping, restaurants and attractions. Also I read somewhere that Manchster is consistently rated as the best place to live in by many authoritative media publications. After my two days, I dare not disagree. Bottom line, I really enjoyed my stay in Manchester!
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