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No Denying the Beauty of Madera, But...

There is no denying the beauty of Madera CA. I have been living in this Central California suburb for more than a decade now. What I like the most about this small city is the cost of living. This place has the best of both worlds. Consider the nearby silicon valley for instance. Unless you are working for a technology company or holding a big position in a government office, you cannot afford a decent lifestyle there. The same fact holds good for places like San Francisco or Los Angeles. Go up north and you will find that weather is a bit extreme for a comfortable living. Madera, on the other hand, is not only affordable when it comes to homes and things you value but has a great weather year-round. Note that, all parts of Madera are not equally good. Avoid areas that have poor school ratings and areas near highways. Another indication you are living in a safe neighborhood is that your home is built after 2000 and is properly managed by a builder. Unless you are in your early 20s, you will not find any problem spending weekends here. For teens and singles this city has nothing much to offer except good education and a decent job. Fortunately, the cities nearby compliment the features found in Madera. There are some great restaurants where foods are tastier than you can find in major cities in California. And when it comes to price, you can't beat this city. Everything is less expensive here be it a household item or motel room. So, if you are looking to move into this city and are able to earn a decent paycheck, you will have no problem leading a moderate lifestyle.
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