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Lufkin: The Lovely

The state of Texas is huge and is known for its mix of cultures. I spent a lot of time living in the state and I have a lot of experience from a lot of different cities in the area. Texas is one of the most broad and open states but one of my favorite cities within it is Lufkin. Lufkin is a quiet city with many different places to visit to have fun. It is very underrated in terms of the cool things it has such as the Naranjo museum and the Trout Zoo. The food here like most parts of Texas has a good mixture of great southern and Mexican flavors that blend great. My time in Lufkin made my family grow closer because of the great atmosphere and friendly demeanor of the people. I remember shopping at great stores wit my family and just laughing the day away. Overall this small city in Texas has a lot of charm and fun hidden under it and I wouldn’t mind moving back there.
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