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      Lubbock, TX

      Lubbock is home to one of Texas' hottest music scenes, and the West Texas town is also home to the Red Raiders of Texas Tech. The city of outlaws also grows more grapes per wine than any other city in the state. Lubbock's population is over 250,000 making it one of the most sizeable cities in the western part of the state. The city was named after a local hero who was killed in battle during the Civil War. Today, Texas Tech University, Covenant Health, and the University Medical System are a few of the largest employers in the state.

      Home prices in Lubbock are very affordable when compared to Dallas, Houston, and other large markets in Texas. Tech Terrace, Maxley Park, Caprock, and Regal Park are some of the most sought after neighborhoods in the city, and renters or buyers will know that their children will be attending a great school if they are fortunate enough to find a home in these areas.

      Getting around Lubbock is pretty straightforward. Interstate 27 cuts right through the heart of the city running north and south. It has exits on all of the major through streets. Lubbock's public transportation system in known as CitiBus. The service has multiple routes that run around town in order to get passengers from stop to stop. Many college students and young professionals also cycle around town. Thanks to roads with wide shoulders and a growing number of bike lanes, this is becoming a more viable option for commuting.

      Points of interest in Lubbock include the Joyland Amusement Park where children of all ages can ride a collection of highly entertaining attractions. It is almost like a carnival from a time gone by. The Buddy Holly Center brings the Wild West to life as young cowpokes learn about this famous figure from American history. One of the more interesting sights that you will find in all of West Texas is Lubbock's Windmill Museum. The museum proudly displays a surprisingly large collection of these rot-iron wonders.

      Food is an important part of life in Lubbock, and there are a few restaurants that stand out from the rest. Abuelo's Mexican Restaurant, Cast Iron Grill, and The Funky Door Bistro & Bar consistently deliver amazing flavors and great experiences.

      The quality of life in Lubbock is great, especially for those who move to the area with young children. Lubbock has more parks per capita than other cities in Texas giving children plenty of space to get outside and enjoy the pleasant spring and fall temps. A low cost of living is another reason why those looking to buy or rent a home are drawn to Lubbock, Texas.

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      very happy to

      hi my name is his my name is that is my name and youre have a great day in this place that is so wild and i am
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      Country - Decent - Livable

      When living Lubbock I felt I was given a good chance of getting a good education and connections with people for my future careers or goals. Depending on the neighborhood most neighbors are very friendly (give you a cup of sugar kind of friendly).
      The youth definitely needs to be checked. Many teenagers in Lubbock try to commit crime (even if stupid things) to gain attention (mostly from their parents) which can cause issues with other teenagers and parents.
      Cautious about the competitive schools. Many suicide attempts from schools such as Cooper High School.
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      so glad that we moved out

      I always thought people in small towns should always be nicer but not in Lubbock. Lots of them are really close-minded and rude. It might be 'the heaven' for those rednecks. We are just so glad that we moved out there.
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      A lot more than you would expect!

      Often downplayed by people downstate and misjudged by many of people who only have heard something in passing and think it is truth. Those people likely have never been to Lubbock. Lubbock is a oasis in the vast frontier of Northwestern Texas. Great restaurants, Texas Tech events, name concerts, outstanding live music, and surprisingly excellent shopping. Snow skiing is just a couple of hours away in New Mexico, and in the summer one of the best fishing lakes in Texas is only 45 miles Southeast of Lubbock, Lake Allen Henry. Rapidly growing with new and exciting places to eat and be entertained as Lubbock was the first true live music capital of Texas. There is a vibrant arts culture here and a new state of the art performance center is going to built downtown. A 15,500 seat arena which hosted many great concerts like Paul McCartney, Cher, Trans Siberian Orchestra, Bob Dylan, Bon Jovi, plus others. Yup, Outstanding schools, a Tier 1 World Class University, outstanding seasonal weather, and very low cost of living.... make Lubbock one of the best places to live in Texas.
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      Lubbock: Better Than You Would Think

      I lived in Lubbock for 4 years while attending school there at Texas Tech University. This mid-sized city provided a very enjoyably experience while I went to college there. They have a wider variety of restaurants than you would expect for a city in west Texas. Thai Pepper in Lubbock still has the best pad thai I've ever had. There is also Picantes on 34th street that has massive breakfast burrito's for a very low price. Great Mexican food is all over Lubbock. The nightlife can be good or bad depending on what you are looking for. Most of the bars and nightlife in Lubbock revolve around the university. My favorite part of the nightlife in Lubbock was the large amount of live music that was available on a weekly basis. On almost any night of the week you will find a bar or venue that has live music.

      The weather in Lubbock was a mixture of good and bad. The summer heat is not as bad as you would think because the heat is very dry. During the winter the mornings can be pretty cold and windy, but the temperature typically moderates by noon. There are occasional ice storms and sometimes the dreaded dust storm, but that is actually an incredible sight to see. One negative of the city can sometimes be the smell. There are many surrounding cow pastures and if a strong wind is blowing in the wrong direction the smell can reach the city.

      Lubbock is very isolated. It's about a 6 hour drive from Dallas, but the Lubbock airport is very helpful in dealing with the isolation. I never experience seriously bad traffic in Lubbock. Traveling around town is typically quick and easy. Lubbock is fairly limited when it comes to shopping, but all the essentials and more are available. The nature directly out side of Lubbock is beautiful. You'll see incredible reddish cliffs and hills that provide great hiking opportunities. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my stay in Lubbock.
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      Selfish city

      I have traveled all over the country and never have I been somewhere that I actually feared for my life the moment I walked out the door. Most of the city is filled with hateful, self-centered jerks that are incapable of any feeling other than greed. I moved away from Lubbock almost a decade ago and have been happy ever since, I return for a month to visit family and I was instantly reminded why I left in the first place. The driving is dangerous, you cannot go anywhere without coming close to being hit. The people are so inconsiderate that whoever is unfortunate enough to decide to live here find themselves knee deep in other peoples litter (because they are too lazy to toss it in a trash bin that is only a few feet away). The police force is incompetent to the point that I actually witnessed a mugging while I was standing right by an officer who did nothing because he was "off duty". There are attractions such as the Omnimax theater/Science spectrum. And if you are unfortunate enough to find yourself here I do suggest going by the museum of agriculture...but I can honestly say that after going to Miami, NYC, and San Francisco, that any of these places would be better, friendlier, and most certainly safer than Lubbock.
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      Lubbock, TX - Right At Home

      Having lived in Lubbock, Texas for the past 6 years, I can say that it is my second home. As soon you enter the city, you find the beautiful sites of tall buildings along with a great flow of landscaping. Once you start to get to know the city well, you will quickly find it hard to leave. Along with the gorgeous scenery, the residents of Lubbock, Texas will make you feel right at home with their warm greetings and friendly atmosphere. The city of Lubbock, Texas has a great variety of restaurants, nightclubs, bar and grills for those night out on the towns.

      You can be certain that the entertainment aspect of Lubbock, Texas will never fall short on you. The city of Lubbock, Texas also has great and beautiful museums that you can visit which has a great value of education. Aside from museums, Lubbock also has a great educational system. The schools of Lubbock, Texas offer a great balance of a study curriculum and physical education. Take walks around the beautiful parks Lubbock has to offer, which you can enjoy with your family and friends.

      Lubbock, Texas also offers community events that brings the whole city together with great results. Take a tour of the art walks that are especially perfect for those who are avid art lovers. Having lived there for quite a few years, I can attest to the fact that the great city of Lubbock, Texas is a great place to live for everyone.
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      Lubbock, TX - Not the best looking city, but great restaurants!

      I visit Lubbock, Texas several times a year because I have family there. Although Lubbock is not a particularly beautiful city, I've found that it offers quite a few sites of interest for the occasional visitor, plus lots of excellent and inexpensive Mexican and Asian restaurants. One of the things I like about Lubbock is the American Museum of Agriculture, which displays restored farm equipment in historic ranch buildings. The Buddy Holly Center near downtown is the best place to learn about the city's rich musical heritage, and the surrounding Depot District neighborhood has some of Lubbock's best art galleries, bars, nightlife and cafes.

      Outstanding Mexican restaurants in Lubbock can be found almost everywhere, but keep in my mind, the best can be found close to Texas Tech University and in the less-crowded parts of Lubbock's downtown. The city also has surprisingly good Thai, Vietnamese and Lao food, since many immigrants from Southeast Asia settled in West Texas in the 1970s and 1980s. These Lubbock restaurants are mostly found in the university district.
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