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ILOVEKICKBOXING Louisville is the best

I had no plans to do more than 3 classes when I purchased my gloves and 3 class combo. However, after my first workout I decided to buy a class pass. It has helped me get out of my comfort zone, increase my fitness, and is an excellent stress reliever. The staff has been really supportive and I highly recommend trying out a class!
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Kickboxing is awesome

I love kickboxing on Hurstbourne Lane is a high-energy, motivational facility with instructors that push you to be your best. I've been a member for a month and love it.
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Watch out for the Three Bridge Tolls

We travel from Milwaukee to Florida going through Louisville, Ky. We will never go through there again. There are three bridge tolls in Louisville. There is no way to pay the toll until they send you a bill. Two weeks later, no bill yet, but you are threatened with penalties and cancelation of you vehicle registration if not paid. I called the river link. They said they couldn't find our vehicle or name in the system. Now this is a big hassle because we don't want our registration canceled. Why should we pay a toll to travel over a bridge that is paid from our federal taxes just because they can't run their state doesn't mean I should have to pay for their bridge. When we left Florida we had a beautiful ride through Illinois and no Kentucky and Indiana potholes.
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Things to do

There is always something to do here. The Oxford Mall, Mall St. Matthews, small food establishments that are hard to find elsewhere, Cherokee Park, Central Park, and the Highlands for those wanting to enjoy the nightlife, consignment and thrift shops, and there is the Science Museum of Discovery where I took a field trip to when I was a child. The Museum is packed with amazing artifacts and hands-on activities that teach kids about science in the working world. However much there is to do, there is a downside. It is not family friendly, especially in the downtown area. It is sad that the crime rate here is extremely high, and locals are not as friendly as they should be. If you are looking for a good time I would recommend traveling to Louisville. Staying here I would not recommend because it is extremely hard to find parking spaces and traffic is horrindous (I almost ran out of gas waiting to get home while sitting in traffic). For families (especially with young-teenage children, I would not recommend living here.
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Nice place to visit once in a while but you don't want to live here

Take it from someone who has lived here their whole life, don't move here. Louisville is only focused on nightlife, that's it. Louisville has some nice restaurants too though but the main focus is nightlife. Louisvilians try to paint a picture of themselves as kind and welcoming people when that is far from the case. Many locals are rude, self centered and obnoxious. Just being on the road proves this. There are pockets of good people but the bad outnumbers the good. Crimes has become a serious problem, most of the crime being heroin related. The city has many problems yet no solutions to fix it. Education is a joke here. Crime continues to get worse. Traffic is a joke and Louisville is considered to have among the highest hit and run deaths in the nation. If you like a city that is 300% dedicated to nightlife and nothing more, this is the place to move to.
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Louisville, Kentucky - More than the Derby

Whether you are visiting Louisville for the Kentucky Derby, or are just stopping off for business for a few days, there is so much to see and do in the area. It is best to visit during the spring and summer months, as the weather is beautiful and the vegetation gorgeous, however, no matter what time of the year you visit Louisville, Kentucky, you are sure to fins something to take in and do. No matter your age, there is always something to see and do. For the adults, Churchhill Downs is one of the premiere horse racing locations in the world, and is home to the Kentucky Derby (of course there are other races that take place here throughout the season). Although some individuals spend hundreds of dollars on seats here, you can get into the infield all day for under $50. This is a great day of fun, and you can bring in your cooler and tailgate until the start of the race. It is sure to be a time you'll never forget. Outside of this, there is the University of Louisville, plus the cities AAA baseball team, which brings in locals from all areas. There is also an exceptional nightlife, as one full section of the city has an overhang between skyscrapers, so the weather does not fall onto partiers, and it is possible to walk between buildings with your drink out and dance the night away. However, if you are looking for shopping, it is best to look someplace else. Outside of crazy derby hats, Kentucky isn't known for its fashion. Outside of shopping, you are sure to have a blast inside Louisville, and there is always something new to see and do.
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Louisville - A Gem of the Bluegrass

As a resident of Kentucky, I have traveled to Louisville on several occasions for different reasons. Each time, I have enjoyed my stay in Louisville greatly and have had no bad experiences to speak of. I find the people to be very kind and welcoming and Louisville itself is full of lovely attractions and things to do, great restaurants, and nice places to just sit back and relax. I often visit for the Louisville Zoo, which is an excellent attraction and an enjoyable trip for all ages. There are many great hotels in Louisville to choose from and great restaurants full of tasty food are always in close proximity. The shopping in Louisville is nice, and I find many stores that I would not have encountered in my own hometown. Overall, I have found Louisville to be an excellent city and although it cannot compare to such cities as Los Angeles or New York, it is certainly one of the greatest, if not the greatest city in Kentucky.
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