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Most Dangerous Neighborhoods In Long Beach, CA

Safety takes precedence when considering a move to a new area. Certain neighborhoods in Long Beach warrant caution, as they exhibit higher than average crime rates. Everyday activities like walking alone at night or leaving vehicles unattended can inadvertently attract criminal activity, particularly in neighborhoods deemed high-risk. There are many areas to avoid in Long Beach, largely due to its substantial size. Utilizing recent crime data, we've compiled a list of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Long Beach for 2024. These rankings are determined by analyzing the number of violent crimes per 100,000 residents within each neighborhood, relative to the city's overall violent crime average. Identifying the worst neighborhoods in Long Beach relies on categories like murder, rape, robbery and assault, provided by the local law enforcement agency, supplemented by demographic data estimates in cases where official figures are lacking.

Within the city limits of Long Beach, certain neighborhoods stand out for their disproportionate prevalence of violent crime. These areas, characterized by complex socio-economic dynamics and historical factors, often grapple with systemic challenges that contribute to elevated levels of criminal activity. By shining a spotlight on these communities, policymakers, law enforcement agencies and community leaders are empowered to implement targeted interventions aimed at fostering safer environments and addressing the root causes of violence. Understanding the human impact behind each statistic is crucial. Individuals and families bear the brunt of violent crime. These rankings of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Long Beach not only serve as a tool to pinpoint areas needing urgent attention but also spur collective action for the safety and well-being of all residents. By fostering collaboration among stakeholders, Long Beach can strive for secure, resilient and opportunity-rich neighborhoods. Tackling urban safety requires a multifaceted approach beyond statistics, addressing socio-economic disparities and enhancing community-police relations. By promoting inclusivity and empowerment, Long Beach can pave the way for a safer future.

Population 12,810
Violent Crimes 1,034 crimes / 100k people
88% more crime than Long Beach
Population 28,178
Violent Crimes 883 crimes / 100k people
61% more crime than Long Beach
Population 329
Violent Crimes 784 crimes / 100k people
43% more crime than Long Beach
Population 408
Violent Crimes 759 crimes / 100k people
38% more crime than Long Beach
Population 26,743
Violent Crimes 697 crimes / 100k people
27% more crime than Long Beach
Population 381
Violent Crimes 625 crimes / 100k people
14% more crime than Long Beach
Population 10,728
Violent Crimes 604 crimes / 100k people
10% more crime than Long Beach
Population 6,524
Violent Crimes 510 crimes / 100k people
7% less crime than Long Beach
Population 13,802
Violent Crimes 477 crimes / 100k people
13% less crime than Long Beach
Population 88,756
Violent Crimes 471 crimes / 100k people
14% less crime than Long Beach
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