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Lexington Has The Best Charm And Barbecue

Lexington ain't like the rest of the South. My Southern accent actually went away over a decade ago, but thinking about home in Carolina manages to bring just the right of ain't back into my heart. If you're visiting Lexington, you can't leave without the BBQ. Not only are there amazing BBQ restaurants all over town, but there's also a BBQ festival. The festival is usually at the end of October, which is perfect weather in South Carolina; not chilly, and the last days of summer heat are usually gone. Just don't let the calendars control your idea of temperature. I'm writing this in May with 40 °F mornings, and our Novembers have been in the 90's. It wasn't like this in the 1980's or 1990's, but we make it work. Living in Lexington, SC is a joy! The food is what matters, but the beautiful greenery found anywhere in Carolina is a charm. The best areas in Lexington are anywhere with a BBQ pit, but most of the great restaurants aren't too far off Highway 379. Lake Murray is also big and beautiful, so don't miss it.
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