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Very Dangerous Area

I have lived in Lehigh Acres for most of my life. Throughout the years, I've been physically attacked in the schools (growing up), physically attacked on the workforce, and even physically attacked sitting in the pew of a church. The people will stalk and attack you when unawares. Robbery, trespassing, unleashed vicious dogs are a few other rampant problems plaguing this area.If you come to this town, you or your family will be at risk of some form of crime. I do not recommend living here.
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Slow Down and Enjoy Life in Lehigh Acres FL

I grew up in Lee County, Florida in the uncrowded city of Lehigh Acres. It's a great place to raise a family with friendly locals and great access to the beach and most theme parks within a short drive. Because it sits in the humid tropical climate, there is plenty of sunshine and hardly any rain or other weather problems to contend with. Currently, there are about 96,000 that call this area home. Because it is a coastal community, the wind swept breezes from the Gulf are stimulating. There is a great deal of retired people living around, but that just seems to make the place safer. The crime rate here is lower than in other parts of Florida. The lifestyle is very laid back. There are plenty of water sports and things to get involved in. I found a real sense of community and they are more than welcoming of outsiders. It is a diverse area where both Spanish and English are often spoken. This is primarily to the large population of Cuban and Spanish that dwell here. When it comes to scenery, there is no place better in the world. The picturesque streets lined with palms and the breathtaking downtown area is just perfect. The town has done well to preserve their history, as well as embrace the present. We are just 130 miles south of Tampa, so if a store can't be found here, it's just a short drive to an amazing big city. There is no theater, no big chain restaurants and not allot of traffic here. Things are a bit slower. However, all of this can be reached in a short amount of time by doing some traveling. Usually within 25 minutes or so, there is a great selection of restaurants and amenities. Is it the perfect place to live? Probably not, the city is a bit slower than some places. But, I find the slower place and welcoming locals to be a breath of fresh air to most Florida communities.
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