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Finding venders venues Hi, I am a marketer for my photographer. I am looking for venues/venders that I could reach out to to see if they could use a wedding/ school photographer. How would I go about doing that?Thank you,Jennifer Answer question
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Why it's hard to get more security Companies Involved in High Crime Areas It's obvious that high crime parts of Las Vegas are in great need of private security companies. What's not obvious is why we often don't tend to see security providers patrolling and keeping them safe.Why don't we?Primarily because the insurance carriers security firms depend on to protect them from liability and possible business closure demand high prices to hedge against the great likelihood of paying out millions to protect their security clientele in the event tragedy strikes.In fact, insurers typically charge ten times more than they do in so-called "safe" communities (e.g., Summerlin)I well know this personally because I operate a security firm called Superguard Security.I was approached in late August by an apartment community owner whose property is located in a high-crime area. I as always immediately approached my business liability insurance broker to ask him the cost of such a policy. We are presently formulating approaches to enable that Owner to enjoy my services while keeping the high liability component of the monthly billing as low as possible.Sadly, then, it's due to carriers' fear of paying out enormous payouts which might wipe out their livelihood (similar to breaking a Casino) which explains why excellent neighborhoods that don't need security end up using it while undesirable ones that do end up not.So my question is: Might the Las Vegas Community together find a way to make it possible for high-crime area dwellers to be able to afford big-ticket security? Decent persons of low income who must live there shouldn't need to suffer. Answer question
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Interested in a customer service job? TouchPoint Contact Centers (TPCC) is currently recruiting full time account customer service representatives who demonstrate the following skills and abilities: - Knowledge in business to business customer services - Awareness in conflict resolution - Meet monthly key phone performance indicators - Navigate Microsoft Office and computer software by utilizing all forms of communication phone, email, and SKYPE - Serve our prospective customers, customers and each other with excellence and professionalism - Take ownership of customer’s accounts and utilize critical thinking skills to overcome customer concerns and objections - Input customer data insuring that all information is accurate, complete, and up-to-date on a daily basis TPCC also offers a work-at-home option: After successfully demonstrating great performance and professionalism, all team members who meet the performance criteria will be offered the option to work from home, saving time and commuting expenses. Applicants may send their updated resume to: Indicate in the email subject: CSR - Henderson Answer question
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What hotel offers the best buffet in Las Vegas, NV? I'm looking for the ultimate buffet experience in Las Vegas when I visit the "City of Sin" next year. The buffet should have all the bells and whistles, a nice setting and of course, amazing food! A nice medium rare prime rib station with all the fixings would be a huge bonus!!! I've been to a couple buffets in Las Vegas over my years of visits. The one that stands out the most for me is Paris, mostly for the experience. It's set in a Parisian type atmosphere, that makes you feel (almost) that you are sitting in a cafe in Paris. The food was good, but not amazing. The best part for me, was the assortment of pastries they had for dessert. I'm not a big dessert guy, but even I couldn't stop eating the huge selection of pastries and cakes from the dessert trays. I've heard good things about the Bellagio buffet as well as the buffet at the Wynn. Anyone had the buffet at either of these? What is your favorite buffet in Las Vegas? Thanks:) Answer question
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