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Living in Kokomo, Indiana is a Surprising Treat

Not many people know that Kokomo, Indiana got its name from Chief Kokomoco (at least this is what the locals say), but this is just one of the many quirky and fun things that you learn about this town once you have the pleasure of experiencing it. A largely industrial town with many American car lots, Kokomo is one of those little hole-in-the-wall towns that should be on the map. I have lived in Kokomo, Indiana nearly my whole life. My favorite place to go is the local park where Indian trails mark an exciting place for families to roam and explore. A growing town, Kokomo is a little treat of Indiana that most people wouldn't expect. Living there is really exciting and lowkey at the same time. The main strip in Kokomo has a surprising amount of fast food restaurants, including the town favorite, Rally's. Their curly fries are the best, and no one in Indiana hasn't heard of this great drive-thru joint. If you just happen to pass through Kokomo, do yourself a favor and stop by this town favorite and get yourself a bite to eat. While there are many local restaurants available as well to choose from, Rally's is a sure stop when you pass through Kokomo- you won't regret taking on the calories you will find there. You can't go through Indiana without hearing some kind of 'Hooser' story, and there is no exception here. How did the name Hooser come to be? My favorite legend claims that a drunken group of men in a bar got into a fight which ended with one man getting his ear cut off. As they scrambled to find it, another drunken patron picked the dismembered body part and shouted, 'Hooser? Hooser?" I guess you have to be from Indiana to appreciate the humor, but that's another great thing that makes Kokomo great. The people have a lot of Hooser pride, but they have a funny way of going about it. It's like a family of sorts. I give living in Kokomo, Indiana a pure solid 10. There's just nothing bad to say about this little town.
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Source: The Kokomo, IN data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).