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Hi all, i may be movin to the Knoxville area from Texas need info. I'm ben first of all, well a little about my self i'm 25 mixed and moved to Texas 3 years ago from the Mid-west not knowin any one at first gotta job and have done fine for my self. Well any ways i'm bored with Texas and the gossip which annoys the hell outta me, i started lookin for a new city to move to and found Knoxville which looks like a nice southern city. Which bring too... 1)The people how are the people there are y'all friend or does people gossip all the time, also how are the people there as far as racial tolerance? I'm mixed black,white and hispanic but raised by a white family. 2)How are the jobs in Knoxville, are they simalar to Dallas better or worse? 3)What is the cost of livin like there ect... here in Ft.Worth a 1 bed room in a nice part of town is 600 plus utilitys. Is it more or less for a 1 bed room in Knoxville? 4) What are nice neighborhoods to live in, mind you i was raised white so i normally live in prodominatly white area's but i do like some diversity not all white ya know. Thanks for any and all answers y'all may have for my questions.
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BigTexasBenPosted on Jul 16, 2011
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