Total crime NAT. AVG.
Violent crime NAT. AVG.
Property crime NAT. AVG.
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Date & Last Updated: This data reflects the 2022 calendar year and was released from the FBI in September, 2023; this is the most current data available.
StatisticReportedincidents/100k peopleKingsport/100k peopleTennessee/100k peopleNational/100k people
Total crime2,710n/a (estimate)4,8572,9242,324
Violent crime439n/a (estimate)787622370
Vehicle theft310n/a555.6362.3282.7
Property crime2,271n/a (estimate)4,0702,3021,954

An Overview of Crime Rates in Kingsport, TN

When we analyze the latest crime report, the Kingsport crime rate is 109% higher than the national average. These incidents are classified into two primary categories: violent and property crimes. Violent crimes include assault, robbery, rape and murder. Whereas property crimes encompass theft, vehicle theft and burglary. In the case of Kingsport, there were 439 reported violent crimes, equivalent to 787 per 100,000 individuals, 112.8% higher than the national average. Additionally, Kingsport recorded 2271 property crimes, amounting to 4070 per 100,000 residents, 108.3% higher than the U.S. average.

Having a crime rate of 4857 per 100,000 residents, Kingsport experiences a crime rate that is 108.96% higher when compared to the national average, leading to one of the highest overall crime rates in the nation. It's important to clarify that this doesn't imply the entire city is unsafe. Like any area, Kingsport contains neighborhoods with varying safety levels and you can find areas that are notably safer than others, emphasizing the need for targeted crime prevention efforts and community engagement initiatives.

Kingsport is one of the most dangerous cities in America with a violent crime rate of 787 per 100,000 people - this ranks in the bottom 10% of all U.S. cities that reported crime. Your chance of being a victim of violent crime in Kingsport is 1 in 128.

Kingsport reports one of the nation's highest property crime rates, with 4070 incidents per 100,000 people, positioning it among the worst 10% of American cities reporting crime. This unfortunate statistic translates to a 1 in 25 chance of falling victim to property crime in Kingsport, significantly surpassing the national average. These figures underscore the city's challenges in combating property-related offenses, necessitating a concerted effort to enhance security and community safety.

Recently, vehicle thefts have seen an upward trend across the United States, and Kingsport ranks among the cities with the highest vehicle theft rates in the country. Last year, there were 310 vehicle thefts, amounting to 556 stolen vehicles per 100,000 residents. This places Kingsport within the worst 10% of all cities, indicating that 90% of cities fare better in terms of vehicle theft rates. The likelihood of your vehicle being stolen stands at 1 in 180.

What Do the Locals Say About Crime in Kingsport?

AreaVibes has conducted polls asking local residents if they feel safe living in Kingsport. Based on the results of the surveys (62 responses), 48% of people felt that there was very little crime in Kingsport and felt safe walking alone at night. While 52% of people felt that it was not a safe place to live and did not feel safe walking alone at night.

Is Kingsport a Safe Place to Live?

Is Kingsport a safe place to live? While the answer may not be straightforward due to variations in safety levels across the city, gaining an understanding of the overall crime rate can prove to be advantageous. In general, Kingsport has a crime rate that is higher than the national average by 109%. Breaking this down on a daily basis, it translates to 7.42 daily incidents, encompassing 1.2 violent crimes and 6.22 property crimes. Evaluating these statistics can aid in forming a more informed perspective on the safety of Kingsport as a potential place to call home.

Has Crime in Kingsport Increased Since Last Year?

Year-over-year crime data allows residents and potential residents to assess the crime in Kingsport. A decrease in crime rates may indicate improving safety, while an increase could raise concerns. The year-over-year crime rate in Kingsport has increased by 7.8%. Violent crimes have increased by 6.3%, while property crimes have increased by 8%. By comparing crime rates from one year to the next, authorities and communities can identify trends and patterns in criminal activity. This helps in understanding whether crime is increasing, decreasing, or remaining stable over time.

Potential Causes for Crime in Kingsport

In areas where employment options are limited or where a significant proportion of jobs offer meager wages, the likelihood of heightened unemployment and homelessness increases. Regions facing challenges related to unemployment or inadequate income may become more vulnerable to a surge in crime stemming from economic instability. While low unemployment rates tend to lead to reduced crime in most areas. Kingsport currently has an unemployment rate of 3.3%, contrasting with the national average of 4.7%. This could be one of many factors that could contribute to a higher or lower crime rate.

Law enforcement and community policing efforts can play a pivotal role in shaping crime rates. Establishing a robust and cooperative partnership between the police and the community can act as a deterrent to criminal behavior and enhance overall safety. In Kingsport, the ratio of police officers and civilians per 1,000 residents differs from the national average, with 3.28 officers and civilians per 1,000 residents compared to 3.25 nationally. Effective law enforcement often hinges on community policing strategies that prioritize the cultivation of trust and collaboration between law enforcement and the community. It's not solely about the quantity of officers but also the quality of their engagement with the community.

High rental costs can limit economic mobility, making it difficult for individuals to save money, invest in education, or access better job opportunities. This can perpetuate a cycle of poverty and increase the risk of involvement in criminal activities. In summary, high rental costs can create economic challenges, overcrowding, and neighborhood dynamics that may increase the likelihood of certain types of crime, particularly property crimes. In Kingsport, the average rental rates are $666 per month, compared to the national average of $949.

Kingsport crime map

The Kingsport crime map provides a detailed overview of all crimes in Kingsport as reported by the local law enforcement agencies. Based on the color coded legend above, the crime map outlines the areas with lower crime compared to the areas with higher crime. The Kingsport crime heat map offers insight into the total crimes on a block group level. Please note that the red areas on the Kingsport crime map does not always indicate that it is a dangerous area for its residents. Areas on the heat map could be inflated if they are located in high traffic areas like airports, sports centers or large parks. Other areas on the heat map could see increased crime rates if they are located in major tourist areas like the downtown core.
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      Crime Quick Facts

      • Kingsport crime rates are 109% higher than the national average
      • Violent crimes in Kingsport are 113% higher than the national average
      • In Kingsport you have a 1 in 21 chance of becoming a victim of crime
      • Kingsport is safer than 6% of the cities in the United States
      • Year over year crime in Kingsport has increased by 5%

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        Daily Crime In Kingsport (per 100,000 people)

        The graph above looks at the comparison of crimes committed in Kingsport on a daily basis (per 100,000 people) to crimes committed throughout the state of Tennessee and the USA. According to the latest crime statistics, daily crimes in Kingsport (which include property crimes as well as violent crimes), when compared to Tennessee, are 1.66 times more than the state average and 2.09 times more than than national average. Violent crimes committed in Kingsport on a daily basis are 1.27 times more than than Tennessee average and 2.13 times more than the average nationwide. Daily property crime rates in Kingsport are 1.77 times more than the daily state average and 2.08 times more than the daily national numbers.

        How Safe is Kingsport (higher is better)

        Is Kingsport safe in comparison to other cities in the state of Tennessee as well as in comparison to the rest of the areas across the United States. Using the gauges above, which compare crime in Kingsport to other cities in the state and across the country, Kingsport is 9% safer than other cities of Tennessee and 6% safer than other cities in the nation. Kingsport has a ranks above average in comparison to other cities in the country.

        Chance of Being A Victim of Crime in Kingsport

        The chance of being a victim of violent crime in Kingsport is 1 in 128
        The chance of being a victim of property crime in Kingsport is 1 in 25
        The chance of being a victim of crime in Kingsport is 1 in 21
        Are you at risk of becoming a victim of crime in Kingsport, Tennessee? If you reside in Kingsport, then there is a 1 in 128 chance that you will experience a violent crime. These types of crimes may include homicide, sexual assault, robbery, and physical assault. Your risk of being a victim of property crime is 1 in 25. These types of crime include burglary, petty theft, and theft of motor vehicles. Altogether, there is a 1 in 21 risk that you will become a victim of crime in Kingsport.

        Year Over Year Crime In Kingsport (per 100,000 people)

        The year over year crime rate per 100,000 people for Kingsport is an accurate tool for tracking the rise and fall of crime, and in determining if living in Kingsport has become safer or more dangerous. The year over year data displayed in the graph shows that violent crimes have increased by 3% in Kingsport, while property crimes in Kingsport have increased by 5%. Total crime has increased by 5% year over year.

        Kingsport police department

        Item Kingsport Tennessee National
        Law enforcement employees (officers & civilians)16311,551558,732
        Police officers & civilians /1000 residents3.33.63.3
        There are a total of 163 Kingsport police officers. This results in 3.3 police officers per 1,000 residents which is 8.2% less than the Tennessee average and 1% greater than the National average.

        Sex offenders in Tennessee

        State Total offenders Tennessee /100K National /100K
        There are a total of 24,578 sex offenders in Tennessee. This yields a total of 412 sex offenders in Tennessee per 100,000 residents which is 55% greater than the national average.

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        Source: The Kingsport, TN crime data displayed above is derived from the FBI's uniform crime reports for the year of 2022. The crime report encompasses more than 18,000 city and state law enforcement agencies reporting data on property and violent crimes. The uniform crime reports program represents approximately 309 million American residents, which results in 98% coverage of metropolitan statistical areas.