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Killeen problems stem from the local government

Killeen has something called surcharges that they impose on top of fun e s from the courts. They blame drugs as the reason it is the way it is. The biggest drug dealers have badges. They are a city that manipulate the citizens and tear down rather than uplift their communities. The court system is a joke they give court dates out over the phone versus at the time of incidents. There are a lot of abandoned homes and apartments that prove to be eye sores. Last I checked extortion was a crime but if you have a badge here you can do whatever you want. Jwc is a company that has a monopoly on rentals. The police captain was talking about ridding the city of crime but why send your same police force to commit crimes. In an effort to stop rings that they organize. The bus system is treacherous two buses stop at 6:15 while the others stop at 5 something. The only good thing is that it is perfect for an investor that doesn't mind being able to practice being a slum lord. This city is filled with mhmr(people with mental sicknesses) all in all if the local government really cared about the community then you wouldn't be out in the streets doing the illegal things kpd does. They have all these courthouses for a city that is looks halfway abandoned. The city imposes ridiculous fees and fines on the military and show that without their presence the existence of the city would be no more. The vast number of churches show that many know there's a problem but think that is going to be the solution but if the city stopped tearing down its own community down it would thrive and they would see the crime rate decrease. Not a very promising area if you're not going to fix up one of these be condemned boarded up houses or apartments. The disease rate is high because due to the small population no matter what circle of life you're in someone will always know someone in another one so everyone is sleeping with damn near the whole city. Remember the tree that they taught in health class when you sleep with this person you sleep with everyone that they sleep with. Well all in all the city is a direct reflection of its so called representatives and leaders of the community. Smh, killeen all in all gets 2 thumbs down on the horrible infrastructure that is implemented in this god forsaken city. Making bell county a not so prosperous county. How can you solve a problem in a county that is so full of hypocrisy.
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Source: The Killeen, TX data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).
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