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Bathroom Remodelers at Jacksonville Hi guys, I'm looking to remodel my bathroom, can someone suggest a Bathroom Remodeling Contractor?Any suggestions would be gladly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Answer question
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EdwardNewborn12Posted on Oct 13, 2016
Visiting Jacksonville Soon I'm an asian girl, will spend New year with my american boyfriend. Wanna know what sites to visit and stuff. What to expect and such. Answer question
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KatyCat44Posted on Oct 07, 2016
Atlanta Suburbs to Jacksonville Suburbs? I currently live in the north Atlanta suburbs in Gwinnett county and I am looking to move to the Jacksonville area. I own a 3 BR /2.5 BA townhome. My neighborhood has a great HOA , sidewalks, decent public schools, and almost zero crime. The property is very affordable at $1000/mo. My question is...are there any comparable neighborhoods in the Jax suburbs? I have read a lot about crime in north Jax. Are there any low-crime, affordable neighborhoods for middle-income families in other areas of your city? Any specific info (counties, zip codes, etc.) is greatly appreciated! Answer question
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FamFanPosted on Jun 05, 2016
best family neighborhods/schools in Jacksonville, FL We are moving to Jacksonville, Fl and I am completely unfamiliar with the area . . I need info on the best family area/neighborhood to rent housing between $1200-$1400 monthly. I also need info on good elementary schools. thanks in advance! Answer question
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m.seitz006Posted on Jul 29, 2015
Hospital proton therapy I am bringing my children over from the UK for proton therapy , just need to know what the area is like the people things to do is it a safe place general stuff we will be staying there for two months Answer question
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Kay831Posted on Nov 15, 2014
How does Jacksonville measure up in regards to Racial Diversity? My wife and I are strongly considering moving from Portland Oregon to Jacksonville. We are in a Interacial marriage and need advice on reasonable neighborhoods to look for a Home. We would like to find an area that has alot of Working Class people, that is somewhat Diverse but not in the highest crime areas. Can anyone give me any recomendations and areas to definitely avoid? Thank you! Answer question
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mg503Posted on Jan 30, 2014
Jacksonville neighborhoods We are giving serious thought to relocating to Jacksonville from CT. Our friends live in the Hodges/ Beach area (inter-coastal west?). Our priorities are, nice housing that is affordable (highland glen, Windsor park are two communities that we have scouted) and a neighborhood-type of feel. Low crime, walkable to amenities (restaurants, coffee shop, some shopping, etc) is very important. I saw parts of Avondale and like the neighborhood feel, but thought maybe between the river and the inter-coastal might be a better fit for us. Any ideas ? Answer question
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BillgPosted on Jun 17, 2013
how are the employment rates in jacksonville,fl how hard is it for anyone to find a job? Answer question
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happily livingPosted on Dec 16, 2011
Jacksonville, FL named one of top comeback cities for 2011 According to a recent study, Jacksonville, FL was named one of the top comeback cities for 2011. The study suggests that Jacksonville was hit hard during the past couple years, but will come back strong as jobs are being added in various sectors including: banking, restaurants, warehousing and hotels. Can anyone who lives in Jacksonville verify this growth? Does anyone know if the unemployment rate has dropped over the past year or so? Looking for some verifiable evidence that Jacksonville is in fact bouncing back, which I hope it is! Answer question
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WindyCityPosted on Apr 12, 2011
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