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Typical North Texas town.

I lived in Hurst for seven years. It is a typical North Texas town. By that I mean it has lots of generic amenities but nothing especially unique. The southern part of Hurst tends to be a bit older and somewhat run down. The northern part has newer housing and a better character. Generally the place looks pretty good. But don't let that fool you. Crime (mostly young people involved in drugs) runs rampant! Our family was torn apart by my son's unfortunate involvement in Hurst's underbelly of drug trade. Some of the stories he told me after-the-fact made my skin crawl! Mostly people keep to themselves. All over North Texas people tend to be shallow and provincial. To a great extent this true in Hurst. With that said I will admit that you'll have some good neighbors in Hurst also. City services are good compared to some other areas. I hope you like the heat because, in Texas, you will roast even with your AC cranking!!
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