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Finding a church We've lived in the area all our lives, but we're having trouble finding a church that we can grow with and that fits our beliefs :-) We have traditional biblical views. We love contemporary worship music that doesn't use smoke machines and flashing stage lights, but isn't something dry that everyone is just suffering through- authentic, meaningful worship. Our children have special needs, so there needs to be a rocking childcare program, not just some volunteers that are half-heartedly hanging out because they feel guilted into helping. Sermons that push and prompt you into larger spiritual growth, not just variations on your basic "sin is bad" message. A pastor that doesn't yell from the pulpit or do that weird old timey up and down cadence... just a normal, conversational message. Small groups would be great, and they'd be even better if they had childcare for those groups. I'm not as jaded as I sound ;-) I've just learned to be specific at this point in our search! Answer question
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