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Best Places To Live In Alabama 2024

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Alabama: The Hidden Jewel of the Southeast

Home to nearly five million residents, Alabama is a hidden jewel in the southeast United States. Whether you enjoy mountains, the beach, or rolling plains, Alabama has beautiful scenery, and a climate that makes it easy to enjoy it all year long. While historically known for farming, Alabama has seen a boom in automobile manufacturing in recent decades, in addition to aerospace, healthcare, and education. The economic upturn, the low cost of living, and the high quality of life residents experience has led to more and more people moving to Alabama in recent years.

Alabama is the 24th most populous state in the United States with approximately 4.8 million people, and it is ranked 30th in area size. It is centrally located in the South, bordered by Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, and Mississippi, making travel to large cities such as Nashville, Memphis, and Atlanta fairly easy. Montgomery is the state capital, but the largest city is Birmingham, with over 200,000 people living in city limits and over one million residents in the Birmingham metropolitan area.

One of the draws to Alabama, aside from the manufacturing boom, is the low cost of living. The overall cost of living is below the national average with housing being significantly cheaper than the U.S. average, even in the larger cities. Healthcare costs, taxes, and utilities are also below national averages, making Alabama a very affordable place to enjoy a good quality of life.

For anyone looking for a metropolitan area, Birmingham, Huntsville, and Mobile are some of the best places to live in Alabama. Birmingham is known as the cultural capital of Alabama with the Alabama Ballet, Alabama Symphony Orchestra, and several art galleries located here. The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute is also an important fixture and a popular attraction in Alabama. Huntsville's economy is based around the biotech and aerospace industry, and the US Space and Rocket Center reflecting the history of the space program. Huntsville is also home to the popular Space Camp. Mobile is a popular tourist destination, not only because of its close proximity to the Gulf of Mexico, but also as a cultural destination. The historical district is filled with gorgeous, antebellum homes, while the Carnival Museum contains Mobile's Mardi Gras history. Orange Beach and Gulf Shores are the popular beach destinations in Alabama.

The geography of Alabama is very diverse, though most of the central part of the state are rolling plains that were used for agricultural purposes in the past. The northern part of the state is covered by the Appalachian Mountains and the Tennessee River winds through the foothills. Residents of Alabama can enjoy warm weather nearly all year, as the climate of the state is considered subtropical. The whole state is hot in the summer with average temperatures well over ninety degrees. For anyone who prefers cooler weather, the northern towns are the best places to live in Alabama, though the region is still considered mild.

With the low cost of living, mild weather, and diverse economy, Alabama is a great state to call home. Rich in history, culture, and education, Alabama appeals to sports lovers, history buffs, and artists alike. If you are seeking the best places to live in Alabama based on your unique desires, we can help narrow your search using our customizable search filters like population, radius and home/rent price.