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The Friendliest Place On Earth

I lived in Huntersville, NC for nine months when I was 19 years old and living an extremely free life. The day I arrived in Huntersville I instantly felt at home. Everyone in my neighborhood was very friendly and a good portion of them offered to help my girlfriend and I bring furniture into our new home. Not only were the neighbors great but was the surrounding attractions. Some of our family favorites is Discovery Place Kids, Dearness Gardens, The Greenways, and Huntersville Arts and Cultural Center. These are the places that we would go to on the weekends with my niece and nephew. Everyone one of these places are perfect for kids of all ages. I have to say out of all the kids that came to visit, my seven year old nephew is the one who got the most excited to go on our family outings. Other than physical activities we all enjoyed going out to eat as well. Usually everyone who moves out of state likes to test new foods and experience different settings. For dinner spots we absolutely loved Killington's Pub, Dresslers, and Big Daddy's Bar. Other than these three restaurants there weren't to many others that we would go spend our money at. They were always to expensive or the food wasn't the most flavorful. As we weren't really huge breakfast and lunch fans, we did not go out to eat to much during those time periods. If we did it was to a fast food joint for super speedy service. All in all if I had to direct visitors towards the funnest things to do in Huntersville, NC I would have to say hiking, kids parks and trying out new restaurants are the best things to do while visiting this particular town.
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