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The Sleepy Town of Homestead Florida

I lived in Homestead Florida in the early 1980s. I was stationed at Homestead Air Force Base for three years. The city of Homestead has a flat terrain with suburbs and a very small city presence. The houses are cinder block and generally one level, although there are a few homes that had two stories. For me, there was more of a small town atmosphere. It was clear that the city depended on the revenue from the military personnel. There were no shopping malls but a few strip malls darted the landscape. If you wanted to shop you would have to drive north for about twenty five miles to Kendall for the decent sized Dadeland Mall. It is close to the Everglades National Park and Key West which is south of the city. This was great for fishing and camping. You are basically at the gateway to the Keys, which consist of a two lane highway to the ‘bottom' of the United States. The drive on the overseas highway has spectacular views especially when you get to the seven mile bridge, which leads you to Key West. You will find the original Jimmy Buffet Restaurant, which is a hole in the wall with a real conch republic feel. The sunsets are everything you have heard. The pace of Homestead is sleepy and there are never traffic jams. There are no memorable restaurants to mention. There is no nightlife, which means you would have to head north to Miami like I did. I have been back to Homestead since I lived there. Not much has changed except there is no more Homestead Air Force Base since Hurricane Andrew wiped it off the face of the earth. In its place is a field of nothing except a few building relics where it stood. The city is still the same with cinder block homes and strip malls. There is a Wal-Mart now, but if you want to shop you still have to head north to Kendall and the Dadeland Mall.
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