Hillsboro, IN

Population: 641 livability score shield

Key findings

  • Hillsboro has a Livability Score of 55/100, which is considered poor
  • Hillsboro crime rates are 27% higher than the Indiana average
  • Cost of living in Hillsboro is 10% lower than the Indiana average
  • Hillsboro real estate prices are 44% lower than the Indiana average
  • Rental prices in Hillsboro are 1% lower than the Indiana average

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      Do Your Research Thoroughly Before Moving To Hillsboro
      I lived in Hillsboro for four years. I stayed only because I loved my home. However, once I removed my house-influenced rose colored glasses, I couldn't move out quick enough. So, here are the facts:

      Hillsboro is a town surviving only because of its meth houses, drug dealers, blind-eyed law enforcement, and racists. Walking through any neighborhood or down any street I’m certain I could stand in one spot, spin around with my eyes closed, and point at any random house and find a drug den or a house displaying a racist symbol, or both . As far as racists, even though Hillsboro was once part of the Union during the Civil war, the sight of Confederate flags are displayed proudly and prominently in yards, windows and blowing in the wind on flag poles. Two crucial aspects of any small town are the good-hearted, decent people that inhabit it, and its forward thinking leaders. Hillsboro is completely lacking in either of these qualities.

      I used to believe the majority of small town citizens and leaders were decent, hardworking, and honest. However, in this town of less than 600 people, these qualities are very much in the minority. The citizens struggle to live in a safe and thriving community. But, they struggle because the majority refuse to acknowledge that one of the basic things a town must have to survive is forward-thinking leaders that enforce the town ordinances. However, because of these local's backwoods mentality and their way of life, it is apparent that they believe it is not worth their effort. Or, they are part of the problem, so they don't want changes in the town leadership.

      Based on the last group of candidates who ran for a seat on the town council, a vote for any respectable Republican or Democratic was a worthless vote. The candidates that ran against those two individuals were the uneducated racists and homophobic rednecks who managed to find the energy to roll out of their potato chip-covered recliners, pull themselves away from the Jerry Springer show, throw on clothing other than a tank top or a red beater shirt, rinse their cigarette-stained teeth with whiskey or beer, and submit their name to run the for town council and town clerk positions. And they all got elected! Unanimously. That should tell you all you need to know about the mentality of the majority of the local citizens of Hillsboro, and those who are currently running the town.

      To sum it up, Hillsboro Indiana is nothing more than a hill jack, filthy dirty, bigoted town whose citizens, leaders, town clerk, and law enforcement are uncivilized and uncouth with cave dweller mentalities. When the town inevitably bankrupts due to its ignorant leaders and most of the citizens unwillingness to become part of the modern world, along the fact that nothing of any redeeming value exists there, Indiana will become a better state because of Hillsboro's demise.
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      Source: The Hillsboro, IN data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).