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Hesperia, CA - Wonderfully Romantic

I visited Hesperia in May 2010 with my husband to see Hesperia Lake. Hesperia Lake is a man made lake on the south eastern edge of town. We went camping by the lake and enjoyed a day of fishing. We were excited to take part in the Hespiria Days festival. Not too far from the lake is the Hesperia Model Aircraft park where we watched flying radio controlled minature aircraft take off and land. It was truly exciting to see these miniature planes circle around in the air it was hard to believe that they were not real planes. Another fun part of our trip was goin to the park district, we sat in the sun and had a picnic. Then we acted like children and swang and ran around and played. We found the children in us in Hespiria. This city offers excitement for young and old and there is always something to do if you enjoy and wonderfully quiet vacation. Be it the beautiful scenery that we encountered or the chance to act wild and free you will never be bored in Hesperia. I enjoyed the beautiful back drop that allowed my husband and I to spend quality time together.
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