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Henryetta, OK - The #1 Worst Town to Live in Oklahoma!

I was born and raised in Henryetta, graduated from HS in '63, received my undergraduate and graduate degree from OState interrupted by military duty part of which was in Vietnam. My career spanned as a franchisee, commercial, industrial, tract and custom home building, financing, and numerous joint ventures. Henryetta has been ravished by self serving public officials for decades to include corruption, embezzlement, conspiracy to commit fraud, etc. Located at the intersection of the Indian Nation Turnpike and highway 75 is probably one of the hottest clover leafs in Oklahoma. Yet the city has never had nor does it have now a plan way forward for the city. Services are nil, the water taste awful, there are 155 abandoned and blighted homes within the city limits some of which existed when i left HS in 1963. It came as no surprise to me when the announcement was made last week that the #1 worst town to live in Oklahoma was Henryetta! That was followed by Okmulgee (#7) which makes a statement about the county in general; it is corrupt. It is simpler to direct you to www.henryettacityupdate.com for more indepth assessment of Henryetta. The only reason I am here is to care for an aging parent. My classmates of 63 elected to have our class reunion in another location because it was to depressing to have it in Henryetta.
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