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Warm Welcome From Glendora, California

I have lived in Glendora, California for over 5 years now and I have nothing but positive things to say about the city. The weather always permits for families to plan for outdoor activities. The parks are what really set this city apart from other that I have lived in. They offer great playgrounds for the kids, ponds for avid fishers, and walk ways for those who like to jog. These parks are located throughout the community, and it really lets you take advantage of the great weather conditions. Another aspect of Glendora, California that has been a positive in my life is the community. People here are caring and they take the time out of their day to see how others are doing. They have a sense of inner connectivity that is not present in previous cities that I have lived in. People here are very friendly and don't ignore you as you pass. The neighbors will take the time out of their take and strike up a conversation with you, which is very refreshing becomes it makes you feel that much more welcome to the community. There are many quality restaurants as well in Glendora that I haven't found anywhere else. One of the best places to eat that I have found is Hana Haru Japanese Restaurant. This restaurant is one of a kind and the atmosphere is unlike anything that I have ever experienced. The food is prepared by professional chefs that make a show out of cooking your food. They even cook it right in front of you as a form of entertainment. Another restaurant that is top notch is Village Eatery. This has a more home style cooking feel to it, which makes you feel warm and welcome. The only negatives I have to say about Glendora is the amount of traffic. There is always an abundance of traffic wherever you go, which is natural for cities located in California. The drivers are a bit hectic as well, but isn't something to worry about if you are a cautious driver. I would recommend Glendora to any visitor looking for a warm knit community in the state of California.
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