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Glasgow is the beginning of the South

Historically it was an area with slave-holding farms. Today it is a suburb of Newark. It is not Newark or Bear, it is an unincorporated town on the edge of suburban sprawl. The town itself is everything within three miles from the main entrance of Glasgow Park, although the business district is 1 mile west. It is the northernmost place for natural stands of loblolly (southern) pine and willow oak trees, ABC stores and cottonmouth snakes. You may occasionally see the stars and bars flown in Glasgow and nearby Elkton Maryland, but Glasgow is not for rednecks! It is very racially and ethnically diverse, and heavily Catholic. It is a place for straight couples (for gays and lesbians Delaware offers Rehoboth Beach (75 miles sse of Glasgow,) around the Dover AFB (about 40 miles sse,) and Wilmington (19 miles ne,) and families with children will appreciate its lack of local nightlife (although there are lots of liquor stores)and family neighborhods. Senoirs might like the two shopping districts (Peoples Plaza and Fox Run) and ample medical facilities. Glasgow is very pet-friendly; and offers Glasgow Park and nearby Iron Hill Park. Quieter sections of Glasgow tend to be the yappiest(woof, woof..) It more religiously active than most of Delaware, and offers St. Margaret of Scotland RC Church, a Coptic Orthodox Church, an Episcopal Church, and numerous Protestant churches (some are very large.) Glasgow isn't for everyone. Is it right for you?
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