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Gilroy - Not My Favorite

Gilroy is located in the south part of Santa Clara County in California. Home to around 50,000 people, this city has grown a lot in terms of population and construction in the last decade. Gilroy is popularly known for its garlic crop and one can smell garlic from 10 miles of this place. When annual Garlic Festival is held at Gilroy, people throng from all parts of the bay area as well as North and South California to taste foods sprinkled with garlic. Gilroy is also famous for its mushroom production. In addition, many family estates to the west of Gilroy cultivate grapes for wine-making as well. Gilroy does not have diversity like the rest of the bay area cities, one of the reasons why the city is not a favorite place among travelers. Only a couple of areas in Gilroy are considered safe to live, and schools are not so great which is why families prefer to live in nearby Morgan Hill or further south. Homes are affordable compared to other cities in the Silicon Valley. There are lots of distressed and foreclosure properties around the place I live, making it even worse for the real estate market here. However, there are plenty of shopping areas in the city, and one can enjoy the multitude restaurants and cuisines with tasty American, Asian and Mexican foods. Nightlife exists but most people, including myself, don't dare to stroll around at night due to high crime rate. Overall, this is not a desirable place if you are new to California or bringing a family here. I have lived in Gilroy for the past two years and can't wait to move out as soon as my project is over.
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