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Population: 815,930Median home value: $131,100Find homes for sale 81 Ranks better than 96% of areas
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A+ Fort Worth Amenities Lots of amenities close to this location
C+ Fort Worth Cost of Living Cost of living is 6% higher than Texas
Fort Worth
964% less expensive than the US average
919% less expensive than the US average
United States
100National cost of living index
Fort Worth cost of living
F Fort Worth Crime Total crime is 26% higher than Texas
Total crime
3,77638% higher than the US average
Chance of being a victim
1 in 2738% higher than the US average
Year-over-year crime
-8%Year over year crime is down
Fort Worth crime
D+ Fort Worth Employment Household income is equal to Texas
Median household income
$54,8761% lower than the US average
Income per capita
$26,04013% lower than the US average
Unemployment rate
4%9% lower than the US average
Fort Worth employment
A Fort Worth Housing Home value is 8% lower than Texas
Median home value
$131,10029% lower than the US average
Median rent price
$9312% lower than the US average
Home ownership
57%11% lower than the US average
Fort Worth real estate
B+ Fort Worth Schools HS graduation rate is 1% lower than Texas
High school grad. rates
77%7% lower than the US average
School test scores
68%39% higher than the US average
Student teacher ratio
16:11% higher than the US average
Fort Worth K-12 schools or Fort Worth colleges

Living in Fort Worth, TX

Located in the state of Texas, Fort Worth is a highly populated city with a population of 815,930 inhabitants. More than a quarter of the residents of Fort Worth identify themselves as Hispanic or Latino, and 27% of the population speak Spanish as their primary or secondary language. Fort Worth tends to attract a younger crowd, as the median age of 32 is far below the national average.

Are you trying to ascertain if living in Fort Worth is the right fit for your lifestyle? To ensure a fulfilling experience before moving to any new city in Texas, you will probably want to make sure that you check all of the most important boxes. Finding the best places to live in Fort Worth and nearby areas is a much easier task when you can rely on information and data from the livability score, which includes crime, cost of living, employment and other important metrics.

The livability score in Fort Worth is 82 out of 100 and the city is ranked in the 96th percentile of all cities across America. Clearly, Fort Worth is doing something right, as this score ranks well above the average of most cities. Fort Worth has also earned the rare honor of ranking in the top 10 percentile among all cities. If we dig a little deeper into each category within the livability score, we see that Fort Worth has higher than average scores for the following: amenities (A+), weather (B), education (B+) and housing (A). The bad news for Fort Worth, there are some categories for which it does not score well, this includes: crime (F).

Based on the proximity of local amenities like grocery stores, restaurants, coffee shops, parks, librairies, etc., Fort Worth has received a higher than average score for its local amenities. If you’re planning on relocating and making this area your permanent home, it’s nice to know that there is an ample amount of amenities and things to do within walking distance or a short drive. Here are some of the more popular things to do in Fort Worth: Fort Worth Stockyards National Historic District, Fort Worth Stockyards National Historic District, and Fort Worth Zoo.

The Fort Worth unemployment rate (0.41%) has continued to decrease over the years and is now well below the national average. Finding a new job in the area might just be easier than you thought!

Knowing that the Fort Worth schools rank highly for test scores plays an important factor in deciding if this area is the right place to live. The average school test scores are 68%, which is far higher than the national average.

Based on multiple factors including: median home and rental prices, appreciation rates and home affordability, Fort Worth has received high marks in the housing category. Based on these calculations, the apartment rental and real estate market appears to be very healthy.

Fort Worth real estate prices and overall affordability will play a huge role in determining if the area is the right fit for you. Of course there are probably some other items on your “wish list”, but even before they are considered, let’s take a look at the home prices and affordability in Fort Worth. Median real estate prices in Fort Worth come in at $131,100, which is 8.1% lower than the Texas average. The home price to income ratio compares the median home prices to the median household income. In Fort Worth, the home price to income ratio is 2.4, which is 7.7% lower than the Texas average. Year over year appreciation rates for homes in the Fort Worth area were 10.4% and the 5 year appreciation rates came in at 9.6%. Why is this important? Knowing the appreciation rates for any area is a quick and easy way to determine if you will see a solid return on your investment.

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Best Neighborhoods In & Around Fort Worth, TX

PlaceLivability scoreScoreMilesPopulationPop.
Far North, Fort Worth8512.2141,442
Downtown, Fort Worth840.84,481
West, Arlington839.582,955
Southwest, Arlington8211.649,675
PlaceLivability scoreScoreMilesPopulationPop.
Pantego, Arlington8210.83,418
Wedgwood, Fort Worth828.386,351
Tcu-West Cliff, Fort Worth814.836,649
Dalworthington Gardens, Arlington8010.92,467

Best Cities Near Fort Worth, TX

PlaceLivability scoreScoreMilesPopulationPop.
Frisco, TX9240.4145,646
Keller, TX9213.744,250
Westworth Village, TX925.42,632
Coppell, TX9124.440,631
PlaceLivability scoreScoreMilesPopulationPop.
Bedford, TX901348,864
North Richland Hills, TX90867,994
Willow Park, TX9018.64,691
Carrollton, TX9029.7129,266
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Fort Worth Reviews

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No police support

Area itself is ok. Great variety of places to shop and dine and plenty of attractions to keep anyone busy. The nightlife is lacking in that there really isn’t anything to do unless you’re into bars. It seems as though the area caters a lot to people that enjoy night clubs and bars so if you’re interested in anything else you’re pretty much outta luck. The community to be 10 times better than it is if the police department were worth a flip. Response time to 911 calls (if you get a response) is almost not worth making the call. Even making a general complaint seems to just be ignored. For example, we’ve made calls about suspicious behaviors, disturbing the peace, and speeding throughout our neighborhood and almost “NEVER” seen a patrol vehicle in response. We’ve even made a call concerning a child running in the street at 2 in the morning while the parents yelled at the top of their lungs and never saw a patrol vehicle show up. Great place to shop and dine and head out to the bars though.
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for deaf indiviuals

My opinion really is this is a wonderful city to explore but for those who are wanting jobs. This city is not for deaf and hard of hearing singles or couple starting out on there own or just to grow up here. Jobs are not friendly to the deaf and hard of hearing only to experience that my self and schools are some what hard to fit in if you are the only one who is deaf and hard of hearing. Other then that the food is fantastic and there are so much activities for everyone but not enough sidewalks to use around the city and everything is far. As far as it go's this is a fun city.
  • 0 -1
Fort Worth is not for African American families are not welcome here

Hello I'm just like the people that had to relocate from Katrina but I did not come from Katrina I came from another state that had problems and people were forced to relocate for a better life I came to Fort Worth Texas with no criminal record I did not come to Fort Worth to break any laws to bother or hurt nobody people was recommending Fort Worth Texas in my state for relocation but I wish someone had said that Fort Worth on a regular basis falsely arrested African American people they also change accident reports on African American people I just believe Fort Worth is a racist City and the mayor and chief of police and nobody else care so anybody African-American please do not choose Fort Worth to relocate to I promise you you will see on the news people being falsely arrested with no justice serve if you in an accident you will see the police will change the report so the other person that is not African-American will get the insurance coverage meaning they will be the ones to get their car fixed and not you they will make sure the report helps the person that is not African American now I have to find somewhere else to move please if you African-American don't come to Fort Worth please if you want to stay in Fort Worth and you African-American stand up and get ready for a fight for your rights you will not win cuz I promise you the mayor here and nobody else care about these false arrest on African Americans and the bullying that come from the Fort Worth Police Department who want to live in the city at any time the police department will Star bullying you destroying your life falsely locking you up and changing police reports they will even falsely send your kids to juvenile this how deep this is they Fasley lock up the parent and kids Lord I wish I knew where to go this has broken my heart so bad I felt like I almost had a heart attack when I was falsely locked up by these people please really really reviews on where you would like to move too and I pray to God this review get to the right person's hands I have been living this life and everything I tell you is true and it has not been fun at all staying here over the last 8 years and getting my rights taken
  • 0 -3

Coming from Houston this place is better. Less humid, less hot, less traffic, less people, way less mosquitoes. There is more community, more architectural preservation, and more cowboys. The food is better. The people are the same, fat. Reduced ignorance and arrogance compared to the rest of the state. Housing costs are the same, as well as food. The trains are noisy at Vickery and Hulen St. I would recommend living a half mile away at least. The homeless stay downtown as street begging is not permitted anywhere. If you're raising a family or looking for a place to retire, I recommend this place. It's low paced and Christian minded. For singles, there is some nightlife at Magnolia St and also West 7th, but I do not know of any nightclubs. If you want Mexican food NOT TexMex, there is a good amount to choose from. If you like coffee, Avoca is a must try. I've found the community to be friendly and old tradition here. Nothing like Houston. You get a few speeders on the freeway, but most traffic is mindful and keeps right. Remember, it's a slow paced city. If you venture to Dallas, it's 40+ miles away btw, you will find crime, traffic, and road rage. Hopefully you dont need to, as Fort Worth has all of the amenities. If you need to travel east, get a toll tag. There are several highways that require it, no coins or cash permitted. Roads are in better condition compared to Houston. There's a pothole only on occasion. As far as weather, its sunny most of the year. It reaches 100 in July, but its not humid. If theres a chance of rain, prepare to stay inside. Thunderstorms here are heavy and dangerous. I haven't seen hail but once in Waco coming up from Austin, although many car bodies here say otherwise. Remember, if a storm can produce hail, it can produce a tornado. I haven't seen a tornado here, but just be mindful. The lightning and wind can get intense, you can witness it the next day with all the downed branches. Flooding doesn't seem to be a problem here water drains away quite well. For the family there's plenty to do. Theres a zoo with historic cabins nearby, annual rodeo, six flags, historic stockyards, botanical gardens, historic theatres, summer fireworks displays. I hear there's a indoor water park being built. A good section of Camp Bowie St is still paved with brick. It used to be called the Bankhead highway. There is an intersection at Camp Bowie and W 7th. It takes 3 minutes or so to get through. Check out the map, you'll see why. For the gearheads, I recommend the car museum in Weatherford. Theres also the Texas Motor Speedway as well as The Motorsport Ranch. The Ranch isnt too family or spectator friendly. It's more of a testing facility.
  • 3 0
Wouldnt Move Here

My family and i are from San Antonio and we are staying here for the summer cause of my husbands job. I cant believe how arrogant people can still be and the rudeness here is unbelievable. We are a hispanic family and unfortunately the majority of people here are white and i thought racism ended long ago but being here the looks and vibes i get are horrible. Walking into places we dont get greeted or just a friendly hello or excuse me is too much i guess. Dont get me wrong this place has nice places to visit and restaurants we dont have back home but i rather have a humble, caring, friendly city then this.
  • 1 -3
Living in Fort Worth

I moved to Fort worh about a year ago from Colorado (big mistake) the are is nice but I'll tell you what to really expect if you plan on living here. Heat. Not regular heat but ungodly heat and humidity. Our apartment is in an upscale area and we are constantly having to deal with wasp nests,spiders (giant ones) and we have personally killed 6 snakes. 4 copperheads and two grey one's that Im not familiar with, As for as the people well without going onto to much detail I'll say that EVERYTHING is bigger in TX. I was a semi driver for many years with about 1/2 million miles under my belt and by far TX has the most arrogant self righteous, me attitude drivers I've ever seen. With a motorcycle rider killed everday. The food is good which explains the size of the people. I do believe TX has some good about it but I'm not staying around long enough to find it.
  • 0 -1
Fort Worth - City with a History

I lived in Wichita Falls, Texas for most of my life. Whenever I wanted to go shopping and have some good night life, I traveled to Fort Worth, Texas. There was so much I liked about the city. To name a few, I really liked the food and the shopping. They have a pretty decent mall, and a few good outlet malls that were all in my price range. The drive was always gorgeous, lots of open land whenever I went there. It was my home away from home. There is a lot of history in Fort Worth, and its got that old feel to it when you visit. Fort Worth has a lot of Western history, that really just draws you in. The city houses a Forth Worth Museum of Science and History, as well as an Imax theater if you are looking for something truly interesting. Fort Worth is home to five different museums, some dealing with the western side of things. It's a true Cowboy experience!

A few things to look into while you visit are the Stockyards National Historical Exhibit, the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens, and the Forth Worth Zoo. It is impossible not to enjoy yourself when you visit this old town. City traffic is a downside to the city, but with so much to do and see you will hardly notice. Spend a day at the zoo, and enjoying the historical district. Then, when you aren't ready to call it a night, travel down to Boogers Red for a cowboy meal with delicious ribs and endless beer. Fort Worth is an incredibly entertaining place to visit, and I recommend it.
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Fort Worth - The Best of Both Worlds

I have been to Fort Worth many times. For a year, I attended college in Denton, TX, and I would often take the 30 minute drive down to Fort Worth to participate in the city life. Currently, my father lives in Fort Worth, so I get out there once or twice a year to visit.

Fort Worth a unique city. It's not all that big itself, but it sits right next to Dallas. Together with Dallas and all the surrounding suburbs, the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex is one of the largest in the nation. What I like most about Fort Worth is gazing into the sky during the night time. If you've ever heard the song "the stars at night, shine big and bright...deep in the heart of Texas", then you'll know what I mean. You can see more stars here than you'll ever see.

The best part about Fort Worth is that it is a fairly accessible city, and Dallas isn't too far away. Most of the unique art,cultural events and attractions happen in Dallas, and you'll be able to get there quickly. At the same time, you won't have to spend your vacation dealing with all the congestion associated with Dallas.
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