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I feel racially profiled

So I had just purchased a used car, the same day a forest park cop pulls me over for a headlight out. I explain to him that I just bought the car and I am taking it to my mechanic so that he can check out the rest of the car. He gives me a $369 ticket.The second case, I bought a car out of state with out of state insurance, the insurance was not electronic like it is now, I had a paper insurance card. He impounded my vehicle on my birthday. I had to go to court and pay a fine, not to mention get my vehicle out impound. Needless to say, I got through it $1199 later. Now six years later I receive a notice in the mail telling me that my license has been suspended as of 2 weeks ago for the same thing I already went to court for, not a letter saying that it's going to be but already suspended. Now I am a business owner, my son goes to private school. How on earth am I suppose to sustain my life with this now hanging over my head and when I called the Forest Park Records Department, she tells me that there was a glitch in their system and I just need to be patient. Meantime... to uber my 6 years old to school and go to work is costing me $95 a day
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