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My Fayetteville Experience

I moved to Fayetteville in 2014 to go into business with a friend of mine. Unfortunately that didn't work out. I thought I would get employed quickly, because I am a retired Army Colonel with a high security clearance. There are military contractor jobs in Fayetteville, but only for those with Special Operations experience, which I didn't have. It didn't help that there was a sequester on and a civilian hiring freeze. Even so, I applied for many jobs on Ft. Bragg, but was never even asked to interview. In frustration, I used retirement money to buy a consulting franchise. After 2 1/2 years I was forced to close the business, and I moved to Minnesota, where I found a job almost immediately. The area is relatively a relatively inexpensive place to live, and has plenty of restaurants (hundreds). Other than a decent military museum, there aren't very many local attractions. Parts of Fayetteville have high crime. I actually lived in a decent suburb. Most of the people I knew who were doing well owned trades type businesses, or were former SF group people. There are plenty of jobs if you want to wait tables or bartend. I needed up selling cars, but made barely minimum wage doing that. In the end, the decision to leave made itself.
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I would not recommend

I was born and raised in and around this area, so I would not recommend living here for multiple reasons. 1. It is crime ridden.2. The job market sucks unless you are military, a nurse, or a teacher. And even finding a job as a nurse or teacher is hard enough.3. The cost of living is outrageous, considering there is really nothing here to do or see. We have a lot of restaurants, but mostly just chains, not many mom and pop places. If we do get anything cultured, it doesn't stay open long. Our mall is better than it used to be, but it's still not that great.4. Don't get me started on the schools. 5. Did I mention the crime rates?6. It's like the Hotel California...once you check in, you won't ever leave. This place is a black hole...it will suck you into the oblivion.
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Urban American City

Fayetteville is pretty much your typical Mid sized to large city. I like it a great deal more than my Durham and Greensboro experiences. I moved to Fayetteville from Greensboro for a high paying entry level employment opportunity for a Bio lab in downtown Fayetteville area. It's a pretty good city all around, it's kind of resembles both Charlotte and Jacksonville NC combined.
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Living in Fayetteville

I love living in Fayetteville, there is quite a bit of crime, but only in bad areas. I would suggest picking housing in established communities, http://www.drhorton.com/North-Carolina/Fayetteville.aspx is an amazing area with low crime.
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Fayetteville, NC - Just Another Country City!

I visited the city of Fayetteville, NC in July of 2008 to purchase a used car. I was not particularly impressed with anything I saw in Fayetteville but it may have some potential for a family stop! I found Fayetteville to be very boring with no major attractions that interested me personally. However for families with children there are several attractions such as the Nature Center, a Kids Museum and the Airborne & Special Operations Museum. There is also the Cameo Art House Theater which might be worth a visit. Fayetteville is rather small and has a very country feel, I got a very bland feeling from the community. Overall, there was not anything that I really disliked about Fayetteville however I would not consider revisiting Fayetteville. The time spent there could have been more interesting, luckily there are some decent restaurants including a selection of Italian Bistros. There is also a mall located in Fayetteville which offered a fair experience for shopping and killing some extra time. The nightlife consisted of a few local bars and sub-par club which was mostly empty on a weekend making it a bland experience. Fayetteville has very little to offer to tourists and residents alike in my opninion.
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