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Don't live here. for your own good.

Where do I begin? I have never felt this unsafe. A man tried to break in my house with a gun and that was only 1 of ,my incidents. If you have a bun, and like to drink aNd eat, and fight, and watch crappy college football, you might like it. If you are a normal family or person , will HATE the crime because given a year there, you will probably know a person or family member who has been raped or murdered, or it might even end up being you. The house prices and rentals are crazy being you are out in Nowhere in the middle of the Ozarks. Where do they get off charging that money, and for what? Side note, the weather sucks. if you like lazing about on constant 95 degree days and nowhere to swim, you will like it... PLus winter is no fun , not to mention tornados and the lack of rain.., When it does rain, you need to wash the pollution off your car. So, do your family a favor and move to Compton because it is probably better.
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Avoid at all cost!

The City of Fayetteville is a very liberal socially progressive forward thinking city located in North West Arkansas. The city mayor and local populace are all very establishment. The town is a safe haven for snowflakes. The people here and the women are all a bunch of snowflakes. They harbor hate in their hearts for the confederate heritage in the heart of the south. The University Of Arkansas and the city of Fayetteville are mostly ran by fake liberal elitist, black lives matter, antifa, LGBT and feminist. The university is a deconstructive institution that attacks peoples rights to speak freely and applies consequences for your expression and individualism. It's a indoctrination asylum and pathway into the occult. The people here seek salvation through virtue signaling how diverse and socially aware are of other peoples plight. They are hyperly easy to offend. The people here will call the police over a paper cut. Alternative media is right, the City Of Fayetteville Ar is a sanctuary city for illegals to come in and take over. There is absolutely no intelligent conversation happening here. They practice conformity and their attack on individualism is absurd. The bars in this town are very anti-second amendment and so are the sporting events here, although not all sporting events here have alcohol. If you are white male and socially ignorant about issues of social justice then don't go to public school to get an education or you'll end up being repressed by outsiders socially, economically and educationally. I give the City Of Fayetteville absolute zero on tolerance and openness as a city and will praise the day the city comes back form hell.
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College town mostly; limited rentals and healthcare

I'm a writer/editor with a degree, close to retirement. Fayetteville is a nice small to medium size college town. The cost of living is quite low. Most people are really nice. But BEWARE: there aren't many vacant rentals as of November 2015. Most apartment managers demand a deposit on a unit sight unseen, often 2 to 3 months in advance. I almost got ripped off that way. One manager "assigned" me a crummy apartment and wouldn't give me my deposit back. I got a chargeback from my credit card company. Apartment mangers talk to everybody like they're a freshman booking a dorm room. About 80 to 90 percent of the rentals are controlled by one company called Lindsey. Heathcare is okay if you're a healthy 20 year-old college student; not so good if you're 50.
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The Most Beautiful Place In USA

Fayetteville is absolutely the nicest place in America. The Ozark Mountains are georgeous! The town is clean. The people are friendly. I have wanted to live here all my life. I am currently hoping to find a job there. Hopefully I will get to move there soon. The crime is among the lowest in the nation. There is no ghetto anywhere! No bad areas of town! Nowhere that you would feel unsafe. Whatsoever. It's amazing! This is the best place in the whole country to raise a family. People are conservative. Mostly protestant Christian southerners. You get 4 distinct seasons. The weather is perfect! Autumn in the Ozark Mountains is absolutely beautiful! There is alot of history in the Ozarks and in Fayetteville too. I'm a history buff. So I like that. A lot of restored historical buildings. Absolutely Beautiful!
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Visiting Fayetteville, Arkansas

As an intrepid traveler, sometimes by choice and sometimes in pursuit of a new job, I have lived and visited almost every state in the United States. My recent trip to Fayetteville, Arkansas was a first for me. As home to the University of Arkansas and boasting the third largest urban population in the state, Fayetteville features some nightlife, dining and shopping opportunities that might be found lacking throughout the rest of this predominantly rural state. Fayetteville enjoys high rankings in terms of places to move for business or career, and features a winning track and field program with awesome amenities for the public through the local university. Fayetteville has some historic features worth visiting. In particular, the local and historic bar Maxine's Tap Room is worth the long trip alone, though many of the original features were lost in a fire some years ago and replaced. Nonetheless, the original structure is intact, the bar is open for business, and is notable for employing members of the University of Arkansas football team, offering fans of NCAA football with an opportunity to brush up against future professional sports stars.
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