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Fairfield Glade is a community full of bugs and snakes

I lived here for 5 years and could not wait to get out! The ticks are atrocious, they spread Lyme, rocky mt fever, and 11 other diseases. Doctors will not test until you show symptoms, by that time it is too late...you have permanent damage! Do not go to the local hospital in Crossville, they will misdiagnose you or give you a drug that is being tested. Stay away from Dr. Stubbs, she takes your $100 deposit, tells you she can't treat your condition and keeps your deposit. Snakes are running rampid, they even closed some trails in the Smokey Mt national park when a 8 yr girl was bitten by a copperhead. If you enjoy life and want to stay here awhile, stay away from Crossville, (Fairfield Glade). Crime is high, a vet was mugged in his parking lot of the office by a druggie in front of the Kroger market. A elderly woman had her car rocked, while she was in it, by a bunch of thugs in the walmart parking lot. Restaurants are not good, fairfield charges extra for the ammenities on top of the outrageous dues. Handymen and landscapers charge high prices for Fairfield Glade residents. All the workers assume Fairfield Glade residents have money so they increase the costs for services in just that area. They spend too much money on trivial activities that are directed more for children than for seniors. The hiking paths go nowhere and you can feel the ticks crawling on your skin as you try to walk. The mosquitos and the gnats are annoying too, plenty of bugs to deal with and the electrical service is always going out. Utilities are higher in Fairfield than Crossville, once again seniors are being descriminated against and are being charged higher costs for services...the local Food City raises their prices prior to a sale, so you are really not saving anything. The sales tax is very high, even more in Fairfield than in Crossville. There also is a high rate of cancer, as our church lost many folks in a short period of time, all the dogs on our block died in one years time....a lot of cancer.
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Source: The Fairfield Glade, TN data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).