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Enumclaw WA is one of those towns I was only peripherally aware of until I lived there. It was a sign on the highway, an indication that we were almost to the Crystal Mountain ski area, which is one of its main attractions. It's a flat place nestled up against the Cascade Range foothills, and the name comes from a Salish Tribes myth, in which brothers Enumclaw and Kapoonis were turned into thunder and lightning, respectively. There are no big box stores or chain restaurants in or immediately around Enumclaw, because the city has chosen to go the small-town route, which is scenic and often tasty; local trout is a good choice, for instance. The King County Fair and the Pacific Northwest Highland Games are held here as well. If you need a big city fix, though, it's about an hour drive to Seattle, assuming low traffic. Healthcare options and major corporate employers abound, however, so the commute isn't bad for work or health.
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