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The Enchanting City Of Endwell, NY

I love spending the summer in Endwell, NY. It is a modern city with an ancient history. I enjoy searching for evidence of that history in the streets. I don't have to look harder to find traces of its rich past. Although it is older than some of the boroughs of Broome County, I love its quiet life and clean streets. I am one of the 35,000 people who live in this city, which sprawls on the fertile terrain of south-central New York, just north of the Susquehanna River. I see abundant evidence of its glorious, sometimes tumultuous past. Edifices built by the old red Indians and colonial inhabitants line some streets. I especially enjoy visiting the ancient ruins of the pillars, theatres, and minarets in the once rural part of the town. Endwell is the loveliest of all cities. Everything I need to have a good time is here. It has a stadium, an amphitheater with many baths, and modern buildings. I could gaze for hours at the natural beauty of this city, set among hills.
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