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Nature and Family Fun in Edinburg, Texas

I lived in Edinburg, Texas, when I was younger and have many fond memories of the place. Edinburg is somewhat of a small, all-American town with a relaxed, family oriented atmosphere. If you prefer bright lights and city life, Edinburg might not be the place for you. However, if you enjoy nature and down home character, you will love Edinburg. One of the main attractions in Edinburg is the Museum of South Texas, which is housed in a historic jail. Adults and children alike can learn all about the history of South Texas through the many interesting exhibits and artifacts. The Edinburg Scenic Wetlands is a nature area right in the city center. With more than 40 acres, you can enjoy a butterfly garden, several ponds, walking trails and bird watching. Golfers will love Edinburg because the city has several good courses. If you like to watch baseball, Edinburg is home to the Edinburg Roadrunners. Edinburg also has a water park that is much appreciated in the summer because it does get hot down in South Texas. Just because Edinburg is a laid back town doesn't mean it doesn't offer a lively nightlife. You will find several night clubs and bars as well in the city, from trendy clubs to more traditional honky tonks. Food in Edinburg reflects the same down home character of the city. You have your pick of good BBQ places as well as Mexican and seafood restaurants. As far as shopping goes, you can find anything you need in Edinburg. The city offers numerous discount stores like Family Dollar and Dollar General. You can buy the latest in fashion at places like Cato's, Kohl's and Fashion Bug. You will also find everyone's favorite stores like Walmart, Target, Lowe's and Hobby Lobby. Additionally, there are plenty of grocery stores, auto shops and bakeries.
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