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Looking to move in or around Dunedin Hello Everyone and thank you in advance. We are looking to move our family to Florida. We have three boys. Two in elementary and one in middle school. Curious to learn more about Dunedin schools and surrounding. We are coming from a district of 1900 and looking to go smaller. How are the schools, safe, acedmics overall, sports etc? Neighborhoods? Where should we look? Beaches? Town etc. I am working remote so we have plenty of options just need a smaller school safe area and the gulf. Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you! Answer question
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Dunedin paid parking What is status of parking vote. Thought vote was last night Answer question
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wanting to live in Dunedin or close by I am from Colorado and for seven years while my Father suffered with Alzheimers Disease I have dreamed of coming back to the ocean from whence I came. I was born in Jacksonville but after researching and now visiting the gulf cities I realize I am called to this side of the ocean. My problem is I am on Soc.Sec. and it doesn't pay enough to rent a place. I am hoping someone in this area has or knows of someone with living quarters I can afford. Here is another dilemma. I am allergic to indoor pets, especially cats, and smoke legal and illegal. I am healthy, moral, clean woman of 65 years old wanting to spend my life in a warm climate. Is there anyone out there that can give me suggestions on how to go about this big move? I have been a caregiver, rescuer all my life and it is time I think about myself. I am even thinking living with a woman that needs a little help like cooking, cleaning, yard work but at the same time not tied down to 24/7. I would be in shortly after dark and I am not a noisy person. I am a talkative person but can refrain if necessary. I do not smoke or do any drugs other than lisiniprol for slight high blood pressure.Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Barbarann (or Barbie or Barb Answer question
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Relocating My family is thinking of relocating to Florida and Dunedin has outstanding reviews here. How is it living here from a local stand point of view? Thank you in advance Answer question
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