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What is the culture of downtown Dodgeville I'm interested in comparing Mineral Point and Dodgeville. Mineral Point, although smaller in population has a great sense of "place" in its downtown. This placenes is both from the diversity, and density of activity in the downtown, and the physical character of the place. High Street is full-there are no holes in the fabric- vacant lots, or ad hoc parking lots. The street starts on a ridge, then descends with a gentle curve going downhil, and then gets very steep and stops at a T with Commerce street Commerce is also is full of shops, galleries and hang-outs, including a wine bar, brerw pub and two typical bars, and a couple restaurants- even a cheese factory shop. All in all, it's like a busy burrough in a big city. The focus on art and artists living there creates an active energy lacking in many small Midwestern communities. Does Dodgeville have a similar quality? What is Dodgeville's "historic" downtown area like. Is it dead after 6PM. Is Dodgeville more of a bedroom community for Madisons Southwest side booming beltline businesses. Answer question
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