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A wonderful place to call home 5 rating By Anonymous ( Jun 21, 2020) DeSoto is a beautiful community. The neighborhoods are nice, city services are excellent, and there is a strong sense of community. Crime rates are low and the city is low poverty and solidly middle to upper-middle class demographically. It is the best place I've ever lived and ...Read More I wouldn't hesitate to recommended it to anyone looking for a high quality environment to live in. Read Less
De Soto Has Changed 1 rating By Anonymous ( Mar 03, 2020) I've been a resident of Desoto for 8 years and I've seen how it has gone downhill by the years. De Soto is becoming another Oak Cliff. Unless you like being poor, don't expect to find any real jobs here. All you'll find are low-income retail or warehouse jobs. To find decen ...Read More t work, be prepared to travel. Don't expect to find any attractions or places of interest here either...you'll have to travel for that too. The schools are nothing to write home about. It seems that most of the schools main focus is sports. Plus I feel their schools lack crucial curricular/extra-curricular activities that other schools offer. The people are ignorant and rude and there's lots of poverty in the community. There have been instances when I've gone grocery shopping, seen half-eaten food shoved in the back of shelves. And trash, trash, trash everywhere! How can people not care about the cleanliness of their community??? Sometimes when I'm on the road, I've seen people dump bags of trash from their cars, right out on the street. Deplorable!!! If people like living in filth, why not pitch a tent in a landfill and live there. I feel sorry for the community group that picks up trash in the area. Seems their hard work is in vain. The customer service in some of De Soto businesses are trifling. It's really sad when you read many of the service or business reviews, the unanimous word is ghetto. Some say that De Soto is a nice town to raise a family, but how long will that hold true? When I moved from Maryland in 2012, I thought De Soto was a nice area to reside in, but that was short-lived. And although there may be events and things to do for families, still De Soto needs more. Desoto lacks balance in single and family living. There's nothing here for upcoming young professionals. Many of the strip malls and shopping centers are partially vacant, outdated and need to be either torn down or renovated. Where descent stores and shops once stood, churches, convenience shops or "hole in the wall" spots are taking their place. The closest area for any decent shopping/services is Cedar Hill. De Soto has become an eyesore of a town and I can see why many have left and are still leaving, including myself. Read Less
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DeSoto, TX Continues To Grow 4 rating By Anonymous ( Apr 17, 2015) I have lived in DeSoto, Texas many years. It was formerly a bedroom community outside of Dallas. It has grown considerably with the new influx of people into the Metroplex. It has also been fueled by the corresponding flight into the suburbs. When the housing boom of a few years ...Read More ago is added, you have modern DeSoto. Many parts of the town has struggled to remain a large community with the same appeal of the old town. They have been successful to various degrees. However, there also some good things that come with the rapid expansion into the suburbs. Shopping is certainly one of them. There has been an influx of shopping both in fine clothing and outlet style malls. This means that there are many more options. People still like the old town. These people are keeping the small independent shops and boutiques thriving.

High school sports are big in Texas. The influx means that there are many more opportunities to experience the best high school sports in the country. The proximity to the city cannot be outstated also. If there is any reason to go into the city, it can be accessed easily. Often we go into town simply to be out in the city at night. Museums and some of the best steaks in the world can be had in Dallas. However, that is the benefit of the sprawl. We do not have to go to the city to enjoy great restaurants or clubbing. There are many new venues that are fun to attend. There are also some of the familiar spots that we have always loved. These places remind us of the old town. I think they will always exist for this reason. Read Less


Elerson Park
Briarwood Park
Mosley Park
Zeigler Park
Grimes Park


Eagle Stadium

Food & Drink

Outback Steakhouse
El Chico
Waffle House
Cracker Barrel
Drive to Work

8% higher than the US average

Take Public Transit

4% lower than the US average

Walk to Work

2% lower than the US average


City Hospital Emergency Cate Center
Hickory Trail Hospital


Walmart Pharmacy


Wheatland Medical Associates
Sleep Healers
Texas Health Internal Medicine
Capstone pain and Spine Center
DSW Pediatrics

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