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Des Plaines is a shit hole!

I've lived in DP all my life (40yrs). I have never seen a town go downhill so fast. Since 2008 this city has literally fallen apart. All decent Businesses have all left, the City Workers are laxy white trash. Des Plaines is riddled with potholes and broken train tracks.....What a dump Des plaines has turned into. Now the only kind of people that move here are illegal Mexicans!
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Awesome city

Des Plaines is very underrated. The river causes a few problems but they are few and far between. There are two train stations and a lot of bus routes running through the city. Crime is low. I love this city and there is so much to do. I'd move there in a heartbeat! It's the home of the 1st McDonalds. That is cool enough. The town is affordable with low property taxes. It is also very diverse. The schools are ok, not nearly as bad as Berwyn or Harvey. Des Plaines has something for everyone. Visit it!!!! You won't regret it.
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Des Plaines, IL - Home of McDonalds

I have spent a considerable amount of time in Des Plaines, Il over the past few years. Des Plaines is home of one of the worlds busiest airports Chicago O'Hare and is located about 15 miles outside of downtown Chicago. The restaurants in Des Plaines are fantastic with a wide selection of chain restaurants and local eateries. There is something to soothe anyone's taste. Shopping is fantastic in the area with many varieties of stores and small unique shops. This is a great place to visit with lots of things to do if you enjoy eating out and shopping. One of the most interesting attractions in Des Plaines is the McDonalds Museum. It is a reconstruction of the original McDonalds. The museum gives a lot of history on the fast food chain and how they got their start. The nightlife is lacking in this area unfortunately but you can catch some great concerts at a variety of their concert venues. The area has many beautiful homes and great schools. The Des Plaines River also runs through the area and Forest Preserve.
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Des Plaines, IL - Not too Impressed

I have visited family in Des Plaines, Illinois on multiple occasions. Overall, I must say, I was not too impressed with this midwestern city. Perhaps I'm from Michigan and have a bit of a competitiveness when it comes to other midwestern cities, but this one was just dull. This city is a suburb of Chicago. There is relatively flat land all round and many farms in the area. It is like going out into the middle of nowhere to visit Des Plaines. There are only about 55,000 people in Des Plaines. There are not many restaurants to choose from in Des Plaines, Illinois. I did not have a fun time trying to find good places for going out at night either. I felt confined in this city and like everyone already knew each other. In addition, I was not welcomed by the locals or other people in the suburb. Many people seem to keep to themselves and are not willing to extend a helping hand. Even at the airport, I needed help lifting my luggage and no one even offered to help. I would not visit this city again, if it were not for the family that I know lives there.
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