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First off, this is pretty much a ghost town when it comes to businesses. The pizza place in town is your safest bet for eating, while the Rite Spot's food and price I would not recommend. They have a lot of alcoholics in the town, so there are 3 bars. BUT THE WORST PART BESIDES YOU WILL BE BORED OUT OF YOUR MIND, IS THE RUDE AND CLICKY NEIGHBORS IN THE OLDER AREAS OF TOWN. Most have been in Denver most their life, so they don't like your dog they will just put round up along the property lines in attempt to poison your pet. The city council members are very unprofessional. One female is my neighbor, just after abusing the 911 system for my dog barking once, yes once, she then called all her other buddies next door to have them call 911 and I was issued a ticket. But that's not all. Ten minutes later after the police left, I walked out my back door and she had a smug look on her face, her and her husband and the couple in behind them, toasting with their beers and sarcastically waving. Wow. And I just finished volunteering for a year for the city. They don't like outsiders except to bring more money to their town. You will see people purchasing a home and then attempting to sell it the next year. Sadly, they likely are taking a loss after realtor fees. I own my home with a fenced in yard and have 4 dogs. We take care of the yard and the dogs and our home. There was no ordinance for how many pets to have period in their code, until the city council meeting this past week and the next day I was told the max number of total pets was 2! Then they issued me a citation with a court date for up to $750 and told me until the court date they could give me a ticket every day and for each animal! Had I known this small town had these kind of compassionate people in it I never would have bought a home here. Another neighbor behind me traps rabbits including babies and poisons them. I saw him do this and confronted him and he admitted it. Just because he was trying to save his tomato plants! PUT A FENCE UP GUY. He didn't get a ticket, he's been a resident all his life and is at least 80 yrs old. The other neighbor is 90 and her daughter in law that lives in town was offended that I own two cats and told me this. They complained that I was burning outside the times of being compliant. I HAVE A FIRE PIT AND YES YOU CAN BURN RECREATIONAL DURING THESE TIMES. THIS TOWN WILL ATTEMPT TO TAKE AWAY YOUR RIGHTS AS AN OWNER. THE MAYOR, LARRY TOLD ME TO GO AHEAD AND TAKE THEM TO COURT. HE SAID I WAS NOT GIVING A 30 DAY NOTICE TO BE IN COMPLIANT WITH THEIR NEW CODE ON NUMBER OF PETS, BECAUSE THE NEIGHBOR AT THE CITY COUNCIL STATED "WHAT WOULD JESUS DO?"
I never had a problem until I complained about the old man killing rabbits and they all ganged up on my family. It's sad.
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Source: The Denver, IA data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).
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