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small town with growing pains

First off this area is pretty with some rolling hills and spectacular sunsets.... However, it was a quiet little town with very little traffic when I moved here going on 9 years ago. Unfortunately, it has changed. Now there is congested traffic especially at school in and out times and at 5 pm. It's still easier to get around here than the DFW metroplex but that may not be so as long as the growth continues. Decatur, Texas is about 45 miles Northwest of downtown Fort Worth but the atmosphere here is very different than anywhere in the metroplex. It's not cutting edge or progressive by any means and it's run by locals that if they don't know you or your family can often make it difficult and frustrating. The planning and zoning department is onerous. Many contractors that I've personally spoken with told me they charge more here because of those difficulties. Not a friendly city. If you are from the "outside" and not from here originally many or most people are outright unfriendly (as may be seen by comments made by those people after this is posted). Noise is another issue. There seems to be an inability to control noise. There is an overabundance of automobiles with loud bass sound or "bumping" that goes on all over town. It was in no way like that when I moved here. They will not proactively enforce the noise ordinance unless you call to complain and by that time it's too late because the car is out of sight. I can spend a whole day in any part of the mid cities or Arlington and never experience the amount of noise that I do living here. There is also a considerable amount of speeding on residential roads. Because of the drop in real estate values I have continued to stay here but deeply desire to leave as soon as I can financially afford to do so. If you're trying to get out of the metroplex please seriously think about it before moving to this town or even the county because if you're accustomed to the normal provisions and services of the larger cities this town does not have the ability yet to do that. I must say however, that visiting here could be fun because there are some good small restaurants and shops to visit on the square and a few festivals...but then you get to home. The city may be doing the best that they know how but hopefully they will consider thinking about becoming more progressive or allow for some outside consulting especially as the community seems to be growing and to allow it to be healthy growth to encourage a better living environment.
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