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      Town of Davie is definitely one to avoid

      Davie is an absolute craphole! The city is dirty and rundown, it looks like a old town that nobody ever fixed up. There are criminals, thugs and panhandlers all over the streets. The Police are very difficult to deal with and are only looking to collect more money. They are cheating and taking advantage of their citizens by with their red light cameras. My recommendation- AVOID this place at all costs!
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      5 Short Years In Davie, FL

      My five short years of living in Davie, FL have made me realize that I love the beach. The area is close enough to the shore so that I can visit any time I want, but I don't have to deal with all of the traffic in the larger cities that are located closer to the beaches. I live in an apartment on University Drive, so it stays fairly busy with all of the college students. Even thought there are younger people who live in the city, I feel safe. That's because you have to travel about 15 minutes before you reach any major attractions. My neighborhood is in a little suburb, and the complex I live in is new. The rent is affordable, and there are at least two schools in the area that I know about. Many of the people I've talked to here homeschool their children.

      One of the first places I visited while I was here was Flamingo Gardens. There are several flamingos that you can get up close to see. There is a serene feeling to the gardens, making it a place to go if you want to relax. Since I have younger children, I want to take them to attractions as well. The Young At Art Museum is a place that displays that artwork and creativity of students. This stills my heart because the museum takes the time to appreciate the young artists in the state. Other activities include live performances, a library and painting. If you like a quiet place to live, then this is where to go, especially if you like being near the coast.
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      Diverse communities with neighborhoods for everyone

      Having lived in Davie as a college student and now as a parent I can say that it is a safe and quickly growing city. The population of Davie ranges from college students renting apartments close to the many universities represented here to retirees who enjoy the many golf courses and older communities. There is a great balance of private, charter and public schools that give many strong options for parents with school aged children. The schools are mostly rated as "A" grade schools.

      Davie is home to several night life bars and clubs however they aren't close to each other therefore you cannot easily move from one to another in an evening. 'Round Up' and 'Cowboys' represent the country western side of Davie by hosting small country concerts, events and giving line dancers a place to strut their stuff. 'Falcon Pub' has many events such as costumed nights, football specials and guitar hero nights. They have a great selection of craft beers and are open during the day as a restaurant.

      Though there are several restaurants that are locally owned and quite delicious (The Mustard Seed, Vienna Wine Cafe, LaSpada's Sub Shop), I feel that chain restaurants are over taking the city. Shopping is limited as Davie itself does not have a shopping mall but several plazas that can meet your basic needs for shopping (Old Navy, Target, Best Buy).

      Community events are rather few and far between however, there is a local optimist for youth sports, many parks and occasional carnivals.

      Davie is close to a highway, I-595, that allows for easy transportation in and out of Fort Lauderdale. There is a local bus system and Davie is not ideal for pedestrians. The city is a mix of trailer park neighborhoods, apartments/condos and expensive gated communities. The city sees it share of petty theft, more recently with an increase in purse thefts from vehicles.

      Pro: Quiet community with decent schools and quick access to Fort Lauderdale.
      Con: Could provide more community events, low walkability, high competitive market for rentals therefore rental prices are high.
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      Safe city with great schools!

      Davie is a great town with kind people. Amazing schools especially Summit Questa Montessori. Thrift store shopping is fun in Davie. All kind of shopping available like Costco and the Saw-Grass Mall in not far. Organic fruits n veggies to pick at local Groves and farms everywhere. I recommend New Rivers Groves and Spykes farms on Griffin Rd. Horseback riding at many Ranches and you can have awesome parties in them... like the Davie Ranch, which I highly recommend or the Bar-B-Ranch , they take u thru some beautiful trails or Sheridan Oaks Stables. The Rodeo In Down town Davie is exciting and the Orange Blossom Festival is great fun for the whole family. Davie also has beautiful and fun parks like Flamingo Gardens , Tree Tops and a great water park in close proximity called C.B.smith park on Flamingo rd. Davie is a safe , wholesome charming town to raise ur children I am currently trying to buy a home for my family there. I also want you to know that I travel from Miami to Davie to take my daughter to the best Montessori school in So. Florida as do many other parents I know.
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      Davie, FL - Don't Visit and Don't Live Here!

      The company I work for had me visiting Davie, Florida on a project. The best thing I can say about this place is that there is not much about Davie to say. It is a very city west of Fort Lauderdale, Florida and should just have been annexed long ago.

      The one thing they do seem to have in Davie is churches. There seem to be a lot of them with ever denomination imaginable represented. At least Sunday service is taken care of. Going to church seems to be just about the only thing to do in this town. The shopping is corporate giants at best and at worst dollar stores set among aging strip malls. Nothing pleasant to distract you from the aging buildings and depressing streets.

      As for entertainment their minuscule bar scene features one type of music only. That type is country. My suggestion is that unless you are forced through work or family obligations there is no reason to visit Davie. If you are for some reason forced to visit this town then stay in nearby Fort Lauderdale so at least you will have decent food and accommodations.
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      Source: The Davie, FL data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).