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Very safe, very boring

I lived in Darlington for four years and two of my children were born while we lived there. This is a pretty safe community, I think it should be rated higher for crime. You could leave your car door or even house door unlocked and not be worried. If someone broke in, it is likely to be your friend playing a joke on you. There is a large sense of community here since it is a small town but if you were not born and raised in Darlington, you may have a hard time fitting in as my wife and I found out. The community is not very progressive. There are about 500 Hispanics living there now, most of which are hard working, honest people. The white people who have been around are not very welcoming to the Hispanics and the communities are very separated. I am white, but my wife is Hispanic so I saw both sides of the spectrum. Eventually, maybe in 20-25 years, when the kids who are currently in school together (white and Hispanic) are old enough to have their own kids and become the town leaders, I believe this will change. We just did not want to wait for it to happen. There are almost no professional jobs in the area and the ones that are there are given to those who know the right people, not given to those who are most qualified. I got the job because I knew the right people, but when it came to my wife getting a job (bilingual with a master's), the place she applied at never gave her an interview until the FIFTH time she applied, which was after living there for three years. Of the five jobs she applied for, she was LEAST qualified for the one they interviewed her for, so that tells you the backwards thinking of small towns. They are not interested in making the community better which is why they voted down the referendum to make the school better. People's taxes were going to go up around $30 a year per $100K their properties were worth and they voted it down. If you are a farmer, move to Darlington. If you are in your 20s or 30s and have a degree, stay away. There are so many nice people living there, most all of them are associated with the school. Anyone not involved with the school in some fashion (volunteer parent, coach, teacher, etc.) are the ones bringing the town down. The school is the only good thing they have going. They won boys and girls state cross country this year (like five in a row for the boys) and won football state finally after getting runner up the three previous years. The sports programs are good at the school but are very limited (the only sport for girls in the winter is basketball). The school has limited resources so there are only around five AP courses and no honors courses. The teachers will do their best to help the students who want help and smart students will get a fair share of scholarships when they graduate. Overall, it is a good community, but you are very limited in what you can do. It is at least 20 miles for the nearest decent shopping place and the only fast food you can get is McDonald's and Subway. If you like quiet, move here.
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moving there im looking to move there and i need to where i look for an apartment there?
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