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Are there any Fitness Centers in Crestview to stay far away from ???? Please be aware that RIVIERA FITNESS in Crestview,Fl . (Julie, the Branch Owner) has cheated me out of $229.08 for unused monies on my 1 year membership . I had to stop working out there because the place is so dirty and smells like a Locker Room when you walk in. As an AIr Conditioning Engineer, i decided to investigate the HVAC Unit and found absolutely no fresh air being brought into the unit to dilute odors, airborne parasites from people sweating, mold , carpet fibers, and huge buildup of carbon dioxide from a high occupancy with strenuous excerise. I acquired 3 seperate cases of Strep Throat with plugged up nose, coughing, and sniffling. Its dangerous indoor air quality and they are in strict violation of the national and local ventilation and exhaust code (theres no exhaust there either...not even for the showers). Its a haven for mold and it has been found in large quantities.

Just a heads up. ANd yes...I was the One holding the sign out front saying I was cheated ; I was outside Riviera alongside Route 85 on 9-5 and 9-6-12 notifying the public.
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