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A decent combination of rural and suburban. 2.5 rating By Anonymous ( May 10, 2018) Crest Hill, Illinois is a combination of rural and suburban that works for some people. The city is not known for much other than that it is home to two state prisons. Despite that, Crest Hill is a relatively safe community. The public schools are okay, and the housing market is ...Read More decent. Nothing special, just an entirely average suburb with nothing the really catches the eye.

Shopping, dining and other entertainment are nonexistent in Crest Hill. If you're looking to have fun during the day or at night, you're going to have to drive for a while to get somewhere else. Being that Crest Hill is close to other Chicago suburbs, you are close to more attractions. However, it can be a daunting and lengthy drive, and most people tend to stick to the area.

Overall, Crest Hill is a decent place to raise a family if you're looking for a smaller town that is safe and doesn't have much going on. Otherwise, you're going to want to head further north towards the more commerce-driven and exciting suburbs of Chicago. Read Less
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Crest Hill Community Park
Brent Hassert Park
Richland Center Park
Stanley Gustafson Park


Food & Drink

Brickhouse Pizza Pub
Porky's B.B.Q. Ribs
Southern Belle's Pancake House
Rosati's Pizzeria
Firewater BBQ
Drive to Work

10% higher than the US average

Take Public Transit

2% lower than the US average

Walk to Work

2% lower than the US average

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