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Coral Springs, FL - Beauty by the Beach!

I visited Coral Springs, FL in early 2010 on vacation and absolutely loved it! Coral Springs, FL may not be the biggest city but it is filled with cultural and plenty of great restaurants and dining! I was fortunate to attend one of the many annual festivals in the city of Coral Springs called the "Out Town" festival! This was an outstanding small town event complete with a car show, beauty pageant and even carnival rides! In addition Coral Springs hosts an annual "Fiesta Coral Springs" which is a Spanish cultural festival and a wonderful parade around Christmas time! There are not many historical sites to visit in Coral Springs but there is some great shopping at the Coral Square which is a well design mall in the heart of Coral Springs. It's large in size and has plenty of selection and variety, in addition there are plenty of small novelty shops downtown and several strip malls! Dining is a pleasure in coral springs with a wide selection of restaurants from national chains down to some local favorites; I personally enjoyed "Mythos Greek Taverna" which I would easily recommend to anyone visiting Coral Springs! Coral Springs is a great place for families and singles alike to visit! There is plenty of nightlife, good shopping and excellent dining with some unique restaurants!
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